Everything you need to know to draw Twrch Trwyth!

Twrch Trwyth

The great British boar that almost bested Arthur and wears a barbers kit on its head!

We’re sailing back across the pond for this one, to the British isles and the multi faceted Arthurian legends! This one’s a pretty straightforward beast, a giant wild hog that wears a barbers kit strapped to it’s back… but the story behind him… so many details… so we’re just doin’ this:

  • it was a prince who was turned into a giant hog
  • giant hog wears scissors, brush and razor upon its back?
  • giant hog angry
  • giant hog has hoglets who are also very angry
  • giant hog and hoglets terrorize isles with much stomping and goring
  • King Arthur and Co are enlisted to help
  • said forces battle in many locales and much damage is done
  • eventually most hunters and all hoglets dead
  • Arthur battles original hog on seaside cliff finally removing barber’s kit
  • Giant hog jumps into sea and swims away, never to be seen again
  • …Arthur’s nephew’s fiance’s dad, finally gets to shave!


So that’s it! Draw us a giant medieval stick figured and dotted arrow-pathed battle scene, or a quiet moment where ol Trwyth settles down to brush it’s mangy locks, or hell just that upstairs neighbor from the Jeffersons walking a fat potbelly somewhere… Just think giant pig, then make it English and most of all, have fun scrawling it on something you can take a picture of, send that sh*t in! Then we’ll enjoy em and throw a shirt at our favorite!

You’ve got until September 21th



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