Everything you need to know to draw the Buck Riders!

The Buck Riders

As Salem is to Witches, Belgium is to Goat Riders!

Pretty simply, the Buck Riders or De Bokkenrijders, started as ghosts, demons or similar supernatural miscreants who shoot across the night sky on flying goats between their evil deeds! Over time the legend evolved and allowed for ne’er-do-well humans who made deals with devils for said flying goats to be up there too…

Now not necessarily important to know to draw, but worth note, just like Salem, there’s a whole ‘nother level to these guys where neighbors turned on neighbors, accusations flew, trials were had where common thieves were given comical demon loving backstories and “confessed” Riders were sentenced to death… but morals tend to fix themselves over time, who the bad guy was has been muddied and some now tell of the Buck Riders as the underdog heroes to the poor.


So draw em for good, draw em for bad, draw em during their day job, but just to keep you somewhat on track, here’s what your working with.

  • Generally human shaped and sized, or at least has to fit on a flying goat
  • Rides a flying goat, some tellings have that goat leave a fiery tail in the sky
  • Their old European, so you know… drab clothes, silly hats, clogs etc
  • They steal sh*t and generally cause chaos
  • Maybe they made a deal with the devil
  • Or maybe the devil is us!!!

I think I’ve always imagined em as an old timey ass biker gang on goats, but now the magic’s in your hands, do with it what you must, if you wanna read it as Buck Rogers and send us Twiki on a jet goat, I’m pretty sure that’s cool too! So have fun, draw it on something you can take a picture of, send that sh*t in! Then we’ll enjoy em and throw a shirt at our favorite!

You’ve got until November 15th Go!



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