Everything You Need to Know to draw the Kludde!

the Kludde

Hey hey maaaamaaa…

So there are legends of Black Dogs all over Europe, they lurk in dark alleys, on riverbanks etc and they typically kill maim or otherwise cause grievance with the unaware… But we’re focusing on the Kludde this round mostly cause it’s just exceedingly well accessorized!

here’s what you’re working with

  • Generally its a man sized dog that walks on its hind legs
  • Has Chains wrapped around its legs that jingle frighteningly
  • Has bat wings covered in iridescent green scales
  • Has bulging red eyes
  • Has giant bearlike paws
  • Has a blue flame hovering around or burning from its head
  • Has the ability to magically increase its weight which it uses to slowly, down, crush or drown victims
  • Can maybe shape shift into the forms like ravens, snakes, cats, frogs, bats but the blue flame always lingers

So there you go, mostly you’ve got a horrific, cartoonish chimera who loves surprise games of crushing piggy back! So do your worst! You’ve got two weeks to draw your send it in and we’ll throw a free shirt at our favorite!

You’ve got til midnight on friday the 13th ooooooh!


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