Everything you need to know to draw the Yule Cat!

the Yule Cat

Meowy Xmas Kids!

So we just drew dogs (well some of us did!) since there are folks who are still just cat people, and this contest will include a lil xmas, it’s only fair that we give these giant festive man eating felines a shot at greatness!

So here’s the deal… It’s a giant Icelandic house cat. It’s giant enough to look into the windows of homes on xmas eve, check to see if a child has gotten new clothes under the tree, if not, it busts in, eats the child’s dinner, then in some tellings, eats the child itself!

Now there’s a whole rationale where supposedly, in Iceland, it’s traditional to get clothing as holiday gifts at the completion of your chores, so maybe this is just a tale of do you chores or else… but really, what fun is that? Let’s draw some gargantuan grizzled Garfields.

Here’re your official descriptors

  • Lives in Iceland
  • It looks sort of like a house cat but size-wise leans house
  • Believes fiercely in holiday traditions
  • Among those traditions is that none eaten folks be well dressed for xmas
  • Eats both people food and people
  • Generally only seen on xmas eve
  • Belongs to trolls

So there you go, Hope you all have fantastic holiday! Draw us a beast in your off time! You’ve got two weeks, send it in what you manage and we’ll throw a free shirt at our favorite!

You’ve got til midnight on friday the 27th!


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