Everything you need to know to draw the Wyvern!

Drawings of the Wyvern!

It’s a Toothy Winged D & D Classic!

Don’t ask me how we haven’t drawn Wyverns yet? I think I kept it in my “hold til later” pile then suddenly we’re more then 250 beasts in! Anyways the time has come!

The simplest way to say this is a Wyvern is a winged dragon without any arms, or maybe he has arms and no legs, regardless he’s only got two limbs!

Now a purist would say, that’s not true, Wyverns and Dragons are different species and list through some giant list of magical characteristics that only a dragon can possess…

But here’s the way I look at it: You know how you have lions? King of the jungle and all that majesty and frock? Well there’s also mountain lions… maybe not as big, maybe not as loud… but certainly lions, certainly crafty, and certainly still intent on eating any available faces.

Well I see a Wyvern as a “Mountain Dragon”… is he going to cover your village in ice or magically steal the children? Probably not… but left unchecked would it eventually kill and eat everything you loved and leave the heads on your doorstep… eh… see that’s kinda probable!

So here’s what you’re working with

  • A giant serpentine beast, we’ll say between the size of an ostrich and a giraffe
  • Covered in scales, scary teeth, spikes and similarly dragonly accompaniments
  • Has two wings with which it can fly
  • Only has two limbs with which to walk
  • Has a long tail that ends in pointy lil spear tip
  • Maybe has poisonous venom or similarly noxious, bacteria laden saliva
  • Is only mostly magical

We’ve been hurting for drawers last few beasts, so let’s reconfirm our mission here: I’m simply trying to bribe you with free shirts to send us fun drawings. They don’t have to be good, they don’t have to take long, they’re just supposed to make us smile! Cause smiles make the weeks better. So any of you hanging back in the shadows, now’s your time! Put dull pencil to paper, scrawl away and on my end, I’ll do what I know how to do best, and bully some folks into drawing in the real world!

You’ve got two weeks, send it in your best wyvern drawing and we’ll throw a free shirt at our favorite!

I had the wrong date here initially here’s the right one! You’ve got til midnight on friday the 24th!


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