Everything you need to know to draw a Nordic Alien!

the Nordic Aliens

Alien Winter Continues! This Time With The Friendly Blonde Ones!

So we’ve dealt with the Greys, time to move on to the weird ass world of The Nordics, sometimes called the Tall Whites or the Space Brothers. Put briefly, these guys are tall slender, human looking beasts from space with the blonde haired and piercing blue or green eyes of a Nordic Scandinavian.

To my knowledge, other then a lil emotional scarring, they’ve done no real harm to those they visit. They generally just fly down in a silver saucer or sphere, pop out, ask some questions, maybe give a lil advice about the importance of spiritual awareness, tell a tall tale of their homeland’s absurd niceties (most often in the Pleiades)…and head back out of Dodge. Or alternatively, they stay in their craft and communicate with selected humans telepathically through dreams…but its still always about peace, love and such…

Now Sightings of the Nordics really ramped up in the 1950s round about the time humans really started playing with nuclear power. This lead many to believe that they are alien baby sitters of technology… There’s even legend that President Eisenhower met secretly to discuss nuclear disarmament with them… but the Hopi Indians had legends of tall whites from the sky too…soooo maybe let’s just say they’re into what we’re into and just get to drawing?

So here’s what you’re working with

  • Generally Humanoid looking, if not a lil taller
  • Most often appear as Males but there are def stories of women Nordics too
  • Has straight, thick blonde hair, often slightly longer than fashionable
  • Has piercing, bright blue or green eyes
  • Maybe antenna, but definitely super pale skin
  • Super into spiritual awareness and the health of one’s self or soul
  • Flies in a spherical, or saucer shaped craft
  • Maybe from Venus, Maybe from the Pleiades
  • Downright friendly but, with a lil braggart thrown in
  • Psychic as hell

Now we’re going to have a lil side note here…maybe its just cause i read a lot about em in the early 80s, when tiny me was usually encased in some form of velour, but I swear i remember part of the lore being that they wore colorful velour body suits… I can find zero evidence of that anywhere today… so while personally I think it adds greatly to the legend, you are allowed to ignore it…


Our First Place Nordic Alien DrawingLet’s hear it for the shard huffing space elf! I mean if you imagine this as one of them torso-less giant floating heads… it sorta becomes the best thing in the world for a moment! Plus sorta newbie without a shirt!

So Know that judgement is now law and to the victor go the spoils!I’ll be in touch about your shirt and thanks to all who drew. And don’t forget, you can always send your drawings of a Nordic in late, you won’t win a shirt but I’ll gladly post it for everyone’s enjoyment!


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