Puppies & Unicorns!

Puppies And Unicorns

Let’s Just Call This a Round for the Good of The People!

Feels a lil like society as a whole, recently decided to skip a few steps down the staircase to the dystopian future of a Paul Verhoeven movie… So gonna take a pause here, and just do something f’ing comfortable and full of smiles as a public service.

You know what unicorns are, you know what puppies are… just draw em together… posed, doing something, we don’t care! Just have fun. And if you wanna add a unicorn puppy like Narwhal in there for good measure, I won’t complain!

I’ve got a few things to do this month (no I’m not tuning up my gyro-copter just yet), and folks are obviously a lil preoccupied… so letting this stretch an extra week… so take your time… but don’t forget to do this, cause it’s for your own good!

You’ve got til midnight on Friday the 27th!


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