Everything You need to know to draw the Encantato!


It’s a river dolphin that takes mostly human form to fornicate and dance, do you really need more than that?

So I don’t know about you guys (but i can sorta guess by level of submissions) but seems I’ve been having a hard time not having my goofy drawings take a somewhat emo bent lately… So we’re going with one that’s gonna be hard to ignore the funny, and see if that inspires us!!!

Here’s what we’ve got! They call it the Ecantato, cause its from Ecantate the mythical underwater paradise! It spends most of it’s time as a slightly larger than average river dolphin… but when the mood strikes, he can become a mostly handsome man, walk on shore and spends essentially all of his time wooing folks, dancing, drinking and yes, there is often lots of humping…

Now I say mostly handsome cause while he can look damn fine, there’s always a lil something off, like maybe a giant bulbous forehead, or a blowhole covered by a hat, or hell! sometimes his feet is just plain flippers!

So yep… hahaha… pretty sure that’s what were going with… a humpy brazillian man dolphin… hahah… 123 GO!

a quick update

Stuff’s still weird, no one’s drawing much, so I’m gonna take a lil time and bully the folks I know to fill out our Encantatos and in meantime I’m just gonna let this battle simmer for a bit and see where we end up… No reason to force this when so many other things already are… hope you all are well and for F’s sake! feel free to send a beast hahaha!


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