the Dragon VS Dwarf

The Beast From the Cave Vs The Stout Bodied Knave

Fight Card - Dragon Vs DwarfWe’re trying something new this week! Not going to try and pretend I’ve made this up, kids have been doddling scenes like this for, I’m guessing, centuries. But pretty sure we’ve got the creative forces to make this fun as hell! So here’s the schtick, the image can picture before, during or after. No one says they need to actually be fighting, I just want to see a competition of some sort. In hopes of encouraging more entries, I’m going to soften my stance on censorship a bit, but just try and remember your not trying to get anyone fired for looking at this at work. Plus sometimes the scariest dwarf dong is the one you never get to see!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Chris Shaughnessy, fellow Witchbanger, fisherman and friend! His word is law. Please see the results below.

Dragon vs Dwarf Entry #2

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 2

Oh my F’ng lord is that adorable! The dragon’s eyes make me especially happy, but i mean the knapsack, the beard! Bravo!

Dragon VS Dwarf Entry # 8

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 8

This one gave me the giggles, not sure if it’s the dwarf boobs or just the full on tongue to eye contact… You gotta assume, best case, that’ll get infected.

Dragon vs Dwarf Entry # 1

Dragon vs Dwarf Entry #1

Yeah Dwarf Poop! Our bulldog will poop on command, but man, the pug will wander about for an hour if you let him, so I feel for that dragon! Also a fan of how the colors sort of reference the site!

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 3

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 3

I mean really it’s just nice design. Good use of negative space, nice balance… Really what i like is that the cuteness of those teeny dragon arms distracts you from the unbelievable creepiness of that dwarf.

Dragon vs Dwarf Entry # 4

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 4

BURP! Indeed! That’s a full grown dwarf in your belly Mr Dragon! I’m going to assume you will eventually wish you had not also swallowed his mining instruments… but hey, I’m no dragon.

Dragon VS Dwarf Entry # 5

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 5

I think the moral of this one is positive thinking only get’s you so far when there is flesh rending fire breath involved… and what’s with me always needing to flip the bird in pictures?

Dragon vs Dwarf Entry # 6

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 6

Yes! Conceived, drawn and photographed in a moving car. Like a F’ng Mythical Beast Guerrilla! And yeah Dwarfy, if the other pics so far are any indicator I think you might wanna get to burrowing on outta there.

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 7

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 7

Oh no little dwarf! DidiMao! DidiMao! An entertainingly dark return from one of my all-time favorite eye draw-ers! And fantastic feet all the way around!

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 9

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 9

Possibly the most earnest dragon yet! That is some wild dwarfing! and i love tiny tiny arms! I bet a little fulcrum adjustment might give our dwarf the mechanical advantage he so intensely desires.

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 10

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 10

Horrible photo but that caption got me good! I’m going to say in all fairness the dwarf does seem to have a more complex ribbon flow. And oddly kinda makes me wanna do karate… and or smoke.

Dragon vs Dwarf Entry # 11

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 11

So the only reason a photo should be this f’d up is if there’s nudity, so i assume that this is drawn on a boob that is being dipped in a bubble bath or maybe milk? Or maybe that’s a butt cheek?

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 12

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 12

I love when the drawings play off one another! One burp most definitely deserves another. Though, where the hell did that delicious looking dwarf ale come from?

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 13

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 13

This one would make a great promo poster if this was a more publicized event, imagine the “vs” right at the point of tension between their eyes. Fantastic grin on the sword hiding dwarf.

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 14

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 14

This screams of MS paint, the most challenging of all mediums. Nicely done, and I love the fact that it’s the 28th… makes me wonder if its like on Star Wars time, like has the 29th one already happened long ago?

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 15

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 15

I mean I’m no expert of dwarf physiology, but those legs look broke as hell! I really do love the entries like this! Pure unadulterated fun! And that dragon is cute as hell!

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