Jackalope VS Leprechaun

The Battle For Our Hearts, Our Luck and Our Liquor!

So it’s been pretty dead round these parts for a few weeks, gonna try and bring back two ever popular beasts and face em off in a battle of… well technically that’s your call… in some sort of battle, or merely a friendly competition… hell maybe it’s even a cooperative effort… just make sure you include some part of both of em.

For those of you who need legit descriptions please see the original battles for these guys Jackalope here and Leprechaun here.

For those of you who, like me, prefer to swim in the muddy waters of vaguery, we’ll just say this: Both probably weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of what like 15-20 lbs, one is considerably more Irish than the other and one is a lot more hirsute and hornier. Both fit well into the nooks and crannies of a wood or thicket, and are notoriously tough to spot. Both are said to bring good luck. Both tend to like shiny metallic things and are known to over consume alcohol. And while Jackalopes can only reproduce by making love in a thunderstorm, Ive seen more than a few St Patty’s day shirts that claim leprechauns do it all the time.

That should do it and before you even ask, yes, competitive cuddling is more than a valid VS theme in my eyes.

Oh and I knew this week’s subject sounded vaguely familiar, turns out the Ames Bros had a Leprechaun vs Jackalope shirt design years ago… just figured I’d mention that so credit goes where it is due…

judgement Is Complete

our judgeYou know I’m judging this week, cause I can, and cause I wanna give a good example of judging with a singular reason… this week is simply the mom disappointing criteria of “Most Violent”… so please read on!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 9

The First Place Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry

OK so i thought the Rick Sutcliffe one had a bit of darkness to it…but holy f*ck! haha! And those ever so dead emotionless eyes! And is that an ascot?

Judge’s Commentary – Now we’ve seen decapitation and corpse play in the past (see your MBW mug for a fine example) but dammit, it’s never felt this incredibly heavy! Emotions!?! who needs em when you got a blood soaked death mask right!?! Don’t you almost wonder if he’s about to masturbate to an old VHS recording of a thunderstorm… man i just creeped myself out….. anyways, brilliant (and terrifying)!!!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 7

The Second Place Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry

Ha that hand towards the belly knife has a very Paul Reubens death scene in the buffy movie to it! (best death scene ever btw) And bringing a gun to a knife fight huh Mr Jackalope? How very “once shot a man for snoring of you”… thank goodness for the magical healing properties of liquor!

Judge’s Commentary – So first off we gots some new blood here so officially welcome! And while 1000 times over I’d rather see bats, knives and chains than a gun, it helps plop this guy at second most violent and this reminds us of a very important aspect about fighting… it shouldn’t end in death. And sometimes with those blinders of negative energy spent, one can see past conflict to resolution… how’s that for someone reading too much of an unintended moral in your first beast drawing?!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 5

The Third Place Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry Tie1

Oh man that really sank in there huh? Yeouch! True story, the very first “meet me after school” kinda fight I ever witnessed happened in 7th grade and consisted entirely of one ridiculously devastating ball punch… I’m not going to say I respect the approach, but dammit it’s usually pretty funny to see.

Judge’s Commentary – Images and videos of nut destruction, beyond porno I’m pretty sure its why most people like the internet! Plus I love the blurred tv batman style “CaRrunch” backdrop! And i know I already mentioned this but dammit that thing really landed!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 10

The Third Place Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry Tie2

HahA I’m not even sure I know what they are doing but I sorta want in? Wait… dammit is this a dance off? I mean if so, the intensity in their faces can only mean one thing… this is a dance to the death!

Judge’s Commentary – So usually discourage ties in judging, but dammit given my criteria of most violent and if you follow the formula of intense gazes carrying the same weight as punches, these two might end up looking like they just acted in the last round in Rocky!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 1

The Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry # 1

“hey Mister… I don’t take carrots from strangers.” – Man that Leprechaun looks “cancelled”… And just as a public service message for the young’ns out there… if someone you’re with’s drunk their eye lazy, it’s always possible you’ll might have a great time… but you can safely assume they no longer have your best interest at heart!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 2

The Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry # 2

It’s funny that at some point i obviously subconsciously stopped drawing a leprechaun and started drawing Bray Wyatt, but hey someone with a beard and a hat is doing two person somersaults with a freaking Jackalope… Leprechaun or not its worthy of a picture!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 3

The Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry # 3

Man, buddy beers! The almighty contest of who can be the best buddy! I’m not sure the joy and always slightly creepy undercurrent of said event has ever been so eloquently captured… it’s teh leprechaun’s eyes me thinks…

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 4

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 4

What with the recent SNL anniversary thingy I think it’s ok to rehash old Mike Meyers jokes for at least a week or two so… Mole-y mole-y mole-y! And god dammit those tiny lil feets is cute!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 6

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 6

“Sorry. Couldn’t resist.” – aw come on you don’t have to apologize for being funny! I mean you got em costumed and standing still long enough for a shot… I got pets, that aint exactly easy! and while in my heart I’m a turtle man i would like to use this opportunity to express my theory that bunnies are half pygmy buffalo and half furry carp.

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 8

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 8

So the last time i really paid attention to players on the Cubs, I’m pretty sure the Penguin was still at third base, but for some reason my brain can’t get past the concept that Rick Sutcliffe has killed and stuffed a Jackalope! God and how cute is that lil heart button dead nose…

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