Merman VS Sea Hog


Like Animal Farm of the Sea

ThisTimeWinnerGetsShirtSo heads up I’m letting this one go two weeks again and I’m going to try and throw another shirt in the mix for the winner this time to see if that pulls anyone out of the inky depths!

I think the last VS battle had some good energy and since forever ago, that was one of the intended directions of this nonsense game we play, we’re going to try again. And this time I suppose we get to see who’s eating who for Seaster Dinner!

For those unfamiliar with these two beasts, please feel free to check out the original weeks for Merman here and Sea Hog here! And for those less fond of research and reading, both are part fish, one is part man, one is part hog and both have been spotted by sea faring folks for as long as said folks have fared the seas!

Now they don’t need to be fighting (or dancing) to the death, but they do need to be in some sort of competitive or I suppose, cooperative effort… Undersea checkers? Networked Mario Cart? Blubber wrestling? Really wet t shirt contests? We don’t care so long as you make it briney and make it fun!

judgement Is Complete

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 5

the First Place Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry

Oh hell boys n girls someone’s playing for keeps! Such a great assortment of adorability and finishing details (like the captive mermaid n actual game play representation)… and the there’s that dude… helpful arcade employee? what a game rep looked like in 1982? a divorced dad who only sorta wants to parent? or just an all around creeper? whatever he is, it’s a good solid balancing of wrong!

Judge’s Commentary – So I love it when a stranger comes in and just sorta magically gets it, can you win with a great drawing, sure, to say otherwise would contradict the concept of a drawing challenge. Can you win with a horrible drawing and a fun concept, hell yes, that’s our great equalizer. But pull off well rendered, fun, and just creepy enough to leave me smiling and it’s hard for me to not give you the win. Here’s hoping you stick around for a few and enjoy the shirt!

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 6

the Second Place Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry

Oh hell!… This reminds me, I really need to get a van! Also love the inky black backdrop!

Judge’s Commentary – I mean it’s either the hairiest mother and child sculpture ever or the fishiest picture yet of me hugging my well fattened pug in a weightless dreamland! And side note the giant china doll foreheads on these beasts will never not make me giggle a lil… they always remind me of the actor who long ago played Ned Quartemaine on General Hospital… look it up, you’ll see!

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 2

the Third Place Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry

“Down, down thy soul is cast! From the Earth whence forth ye fell! The path of fire leads thee… To spooky Mormon Hell dream! Welcome back to spooky Mormon Hell dream! You are having a spooky Mormon Hell dream now!”

Judge’s Commentary – You know I had missed that fish tie first time around, that’s kinda fantastic! Good solid modern pop culture reference and concept here and I gotta say anytime someone goes through the trouble of stuffing multiple tentacles down the sleeve of a dress shirt I’m going to give them props!

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 1

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 1

I mean the obvious criticism is that true creatures of the sea, when given the direction to competitively take of one another’s essences, would never naturally do so in such a mouth based and air breathing fashion…

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 3

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 3

See I would think with the puffer fish qualities of this sea hog you’d go fancy fugu fish style sushi but i suppose than you’d have to deal with the poison sacs aaaand the mythical sea trichinosis… regardless that merman aint hurting for grubs, look at that big strong belly!

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 4

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 4

I like to imagine this is what happens when long tailed sea creatures try and recreate that spinning on a hilltop scene from Sound of Music… Such good dizzy eyes and maybe I’m mistaken but I swear that Sea Pig looks healthier than last we’ve seen him, which is good cause i want him to live forever!

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