Everything You Need to Know to Draw Miasma!

Draw Miasma!

Draw Miasma!

Cause Creative Outlets Are Important in Times of Strife!

So, let’s see here, we tried to sidetrack you with the heartwarming Puppies and Unicorns, but that sorta only kinda worked… It’s a weird time, full of new things and people are reacting differently. So I’m jumping to the opposite extreme and saying, let’s put a face to the enemy! And we’ll see how that plays out!

So back in the dark ages when black plague was the disease of note, and science had, it seemed, moved slightly past just blaming witches… a new theory on how disease worked was established… it involved deadly clouds of invisible vapors that emerged from areas of rot and disease… IE the ground, swamps, dead things, and pretty much, least the the way i read this… poor people… They called it Miasma. One could breathe a lil and maybe just get a case of the vapors… but get full lungful of a fresh batch rising out of the slums at night and you were done for!

Now I dont quite know how to describe an invisible, evil, cloud of vapor, so I’m just going to leave that to you and wherever your head’s at these days! But search for “cartoons of polio” or “plague” etc if you want, cause there have been some pretty great versions over the centuries! Now’s your opportunity to maybe add some less great ones to the pile!

And since we’re learning together… I think it’s important to note that while the discovery of germs pretty much made the theory obsolete… the science behind stopping Miasma’s spread, did help to bring about inventions like medical masks and did keep folks away from areas that were often hotbeds of disease…. so thanks Miasma! Hahaha, ok I’m done!

You’ve got til midnight on Friday the 10th!


Our Drawings of Miasma Entry #4

Miasma Entry # 4

it’s like the 2020 quarantine shirt wants to design itself! Hahaha and i speak from experience, I’m impressed here, its not as easy as you think to make a fart… also look like a skull!

Our Drawings of Miasma Entry #3

Miasma Entry # 3

Haha you know maybe it’s like a samaurai movie trope, but if i were to be murdered, some part of me would prefer my murderer have the wisened eyes that, while unwavering, do still show understanding… or maybe that’s just the beard??? hahaha…

Our Drawings of Miasma Entry #2

Miasma Entry # 2

“This is “my-asthma” (i had to do the joke, sorry, spanish humor)”…. man, that’s not just spanish… that’s what we call downright good humor! Welcome newcomer! This works in that magical evil dead/8 legged freaks kinda way where these lil guys are obviously evil as hell, but you can sorta imagine their excited lil adorable rampaging voices, so it just makes it cute!

Our Drawings of Miasma Entry #1

Miasma Entry # 1

See I could almost get on board with odorless vomit, but that whole deadly thing makes it a sour ass trade! REgardless that’s a damn fine sickly/radiocative palette!