The Ogre Vs The Pukwudgie

Europes Oversized Omnivore Meets America’s Littlest Indian!

Now it’s been a while since we’ve done a VS so to refresh your memories. Rules are the same in that there really aren’t any. Have fun with it and submit your own creation and we’re good. But for VS we do ask that while the combatants don’t have to be wrestling, they should be involved in some sort of competitive or cooperative effort.

Now any of you who’ve been around for a while know I like my VS horribly lopsided size wise, and this is no exception. The Ogre is the monolithic, hideous to behold, people eating threat from European folklore. You can see the full description and see what was created originally here.

As for the Pukwudgie, well he’s like the tiny Indian swiss army knife of the woodlands of america’s eastern seaboard. Master of magic, archery, turning into half a porcupine and assorted other tricks of the tiny native American trade. You can read all about his antics here, but mostly just know they are roughly 2-3 ft tall, gray with large noses, lips and ears and while undersized, not generally they type to triffle with!

I’m busy as hell with a few house projects, we’ve got two beasts to include and since it hasnt seemed to be hurting participation, I’m going to let this roll two weeks again. The new people and the underdogs will continue to be given an unfair advantage come judgement time, and by no means is artistic talent the only criteria for judgement so have fun with it!

judgement Is Complete

The Ogre Vs The Pukwudgie Entry # 14

the First Place Ogre Vs Pukwudgie Entry

See, if you listen really close, you can hear it. The world just got a lil bit better! I mean I have no idea if that face is asking “where did that damn pukwudgie go?” or if that’s an expression of pure sloth-like joy? but I know I like it!

Judge’s Commentary – Ok so this one’s not from a newbie, but it’s been a while since cate won and dammit… How can I not… so much confusion, I mean is that a bellow? if so why? sadness? joy? lost pukwudgie? Look at those ogre boobs (ogoobs?) and that horrendous toof spacing? It’s like you made this just to make me happy and I appreciate that!

The Ogre Vs The Pukwudgie Entry # 15

the Second Place Ogre Vs Pukwudgie Entry

Now is the “again” a question of preference or a demand for action? I can see this working both ways, but pretty sure my confusion illustrates exactly the need for safe words other than “no” in said situations… and dammit when isnt a bunny suit great?

Judge’s Commentary – I mean mostly, cause I don’t understand it, secondly cause rabbit suits are cool and thirdly cause it makes me think of Ace Ventura 2, and while I have to admit that’s a movie that hasn’t really stood the test of time… dammit when he gets speared in the thighs… it was funny in like 1995 or whenever that was!

The Ogre Vs The Pukwudgie Entry # 5

the Third Place Ogre Vs Pukwudgie Entry

So as much as I wanna pick on this heavy browed ogre’s understanding of how good relationships work, I think I’m more entertained that our lil pukwudgies idea of fixing things involves an arrow to the face… cause while I’m not and expert, I’m pretty sure that’s not how things are supposed to work either!

Judge’s Commentary – So first off, extra points for your first drawing, and welcome! I’m entertained that both you and the second place artist decided that arrows should be shot differently than previously determined best… how sad as the cute lil ogre with no self respect? and How F’ing cute is that sad lil ziggyesque pukwudgie? though I gotta say, randomly, i sorta want him to have some silly tall ass moccasins…

The Ogre Vs The Pukwudgie Entry # 1

the Ogre Vs Pukwudgie Entry # 1

Lesson to be learned here: Never try and nuzzle a pukwudgie like an adorable fuzzy rabbit against your cheek without permission! Great hand stitched ogrecoat btw!