Old Man Coyote

The Legendary Shapeshifting Trixter of the Native American People

So April fools day happens during the run of this contest so I figure this as good a time as any to finally pull out Old Man Coyote, the Trickster! Now this legend spans enough territory, tribes or for that matter cultures that one has a hard time locking in a concise description. So what we’re going to do here is give a brief holistic account and let you have a lil sample legend to work from.

So depending on where you are from, Old Man Coyote, is the creator, is brother of the creator, or has some of the powers of the creator (he named buffalo for example), but still reports to an even higher spirit. He has the ability to shapeshift into any form, but is most commonly seen as a man, a coyote, a bird or some combo of those three. His main goal seems to be to entertain himself at the expense of others. But in doing so tends to teach us the vulnerabilities in our nature while exposing the unseen opportunities in the world we live in. Mind you not without a lot of loss of life and love and honor or anything else one could lose in a bet, gamble or poorly educated impulsive decision.

Submissions Are Closed For Judgement!

our judgeSo I’m going to shake things up here a lil bit, I’ll still have guest judges where appropriate, And most you who have judged have done amazing jobs (well except for Srini, ha), but I think for the time being, I’m going to take back the reigns for a bit and judge myself… This way I can make sure that our wins get smattered around to some different folks, since I already know who submitted, I can tag the creator upon posting and mostly to make sure that the contribution is rewarded more so than the talent of the contributor. Let’s see how it goes…

and with that I give you
“Coyote Dances With Prairie Dogs”

Coyote went back to his home. From there he went to Prairie-dog Town. He had some red cloth and he put this on a stick and marched around with it held up, saying, “Let all of you circle around here.” Then they all came.

Codi held a stone in the palm of his right hand. In his left hand he held the pole. He said to them, “You must all shut your doors tightly, for while we are dancing someone might steal your property.” [Read more…]

Old Man Coyote Entry #7

The First Place Old Man Coyote Entry

Hahaha! Very reminiscent of the famed three wolves howling shirt on amazon but who needs the second and third wolf when you’ve got a Sean in a headband… I wonder if you can go to that school from Fame just for Coyote calls? he looks like he deserves at least a shot!

Judge’s Comments – So I guess the counter argument for the Seanist movement would be that it’s a lil “one trick pony”… but i mean if it’s a good trick? what you’re not gonna do it… I mean really? Look at that lil pig nose, which i might add, is, as far as i can tell, just done out of meanness. I think, if it were mine, I’d edit out the coyote, let the subject shine and whatnot, and I’m pretty sure we can all agree it could use a few ferns… But all in all Top Notch!

Old Man Coyote Entry # 2


Why hello there adorable little coyote beast! Such good creepy ass feathered wingarms you have! And Look at those down turned, world weary nips, showing his age and experience but counterd nicely with the fluffy tail of youth and the unoutlined ween of a creature that knows no bounds!

Judge’s Comments – Really it comes down to two things… well three… two really good nipples and a really well intentioned flower… well… and the pubes, and the fact that I can tell he smells like cedar shavings and.. well hell… and this paddle ball game and this thermos!

Old Man Coyote Entry # 4

The Third Place Old Man Coyote Entry

So many good heads on one beast and with a decent range of eyeballs as well, and dammit if those aren’t some cozy looking moccasins… Also using the twirl as your tween makes for a kind of a nice touch!

Judge’s Comments – I’m always so torn with what to do with these, I mean sometimes I fear the “good” ones scare away the random doodlers, but at the same time it’s not fair to take someone you love for granted… so I think this is a good time to say, While this site was not exactly created for those who go the extra mile, I sure as hell appreciate you playing along. And while i may have liked to see a joke frame in there, I think that it’s about as close to a valid interpretation of a shape shifter as we’re gonna get so nicely played!

Old Man Coyote Entry # 1

Old Man Coyote Entry # 1

See the problem with commenting on shape shifting seemingly immortal beasts, is that I have no idea if this guy is young or old, or if that even matters, I mean he has a cane, his clothes seemingly lean towards old man, but then there’s all the cardigan clad young ‘ns who mostly enjoy old man wear, or maybe this guy simply grows backwards?… Regardless, great poofy head and appropriately mischievous gaze!

Old Man Coyote Entry # 3

Old Man Coyote Entry # 3

Yes! The most thorough of all disguises! The Groucho glasses! My what a big nose you have Old Uncle Coty! And I’m starting to notice something else… much like when someone else cooks a dinner you usually make… scribbly hair lines always look better if someone else makes em!

The Old Man Coyote Entry # 5

The Old Man Coyote Entry # 5

True story, one of the go to weed guys in high school wore knee high moccasins over jeans… I wanna know more about this fat bird thing… he looks fun.

The Old Man Coyote Entry # 6

The Old Man Coyote Entry # 6

So beyond all the sweet Tex Avery style tongue dropped, lost jawed and emotionally bouyant goodness, I’m kinda amazed that such an experienced trixter such as he, is not more aware that a strip club is just not the kinda place where chicanery is smiled upon… oh well, he’ll learn… and the sticky stage and the quantity of hair on his arms both made me laugh pretty hard!

Old Man Coyote Entry # 8

Old Man Coyote Entry # 8

You know its oddly telling that the concept of the coyote spirit drifting out of what looks a lil like Anthony Bourdain, doesnt bug me at all, but the fact that it’s just fully missing an eye throws me for a loop… Missing eye or not though, dude’s got a great hand!

Old Man Coyote Entry # 9

The Old Man Coyote Entry # 9

Well first and foremost as a huge proponent of chalkboard paint, bravo to you for having a scribble wall, and secondly having my own scribble wall, i am familiar with the nothing is really ever erased property of the medium… so does that just say “tits” through the middle of his shoulder? And I feel like he’s dressed for a beer, but is that instead a steaming cup of java?

Old Man Coyote Entry # 10

Old Man Coyote Entry # 10

Ha! So a couple things, again, chalkboard points, I will always be a fan of improperly planned typesetting, so points for that as well, love the one directional fur and dammit if his entire back end doesn’t look like a puddle! I mean is he melting back into the earth? is he growing T2 style from the puddle… such mysteries to end this week with!

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