Puppies & Unicorns!

Puppies And Unicorns

Puppies And Unicorns

Let’s Just Call This a Round for the Good of The People!

Feels a lil like society as a whole, recently decided to skip a few steps down the staircase to the dystopian future of a Paul Verhoeven movie… So gonna take a pause here, and just do something f’ing comfortable and full of smiles as a public service.

You know what unicorns are, you know what puppies are… just draw em together… posed, doing something, we don’t care! Just have fun. And if you wanna add a unicorn puppy like Narwhal in there for good measure, I won’t complain!

I’ve got a few things to do this month (no I’m not tuning up my gyro-copter just yet), and folks are obviously a lil preoccupied… so letting this stretch an extra week… so take your time… but don’t forget to do this, cause it’s for your own good!

You’ve got til midnight on Friday the 27th!


Puppies and Unicorns Entry #7

uppies and Unicorns Entry #7

See now we’re all happy!!! well except those of us who don’t believe dogs should be able to fly… but F you if youre one of those people!!! haha!

Puppies and Unicorns Entry #6

uppies and Unicorns Entry #6

I mean I think he’s focused on a unicorn… but it’s also possible he’s doing this wrong and focusing on a hair clog… hahah such a fat lil pup slug tho!!!

Puppies and Unicorns Entry #5

uppies and Unicorns Entry #5

Little known fact, unicorn skin is magically immune to puppy teef! Therefore they are best of friends!

Puppies and Unicorns Entry #4

Puppies and Unicorns Entry #4

I dont mean to alarm anyone in this already very weird time! but pretty sure our adorably tailed protagonists are baying at an obvious alien ship disguised as a fake cloud…. I mean whens the last time you saw a cloud behind the moon?… All that being said, this just feels nice right? Well played!

Puppies and Unicorns Entry #3

Puppies And Unicorns Entry # 3

Looks like we got ourselves a lil collaboration between drawers here! And while not technically puppies and unicorns… it is an adorably cute pup taking off a unicorn costume… so pretty sure it hits all the important feels! Also I guarantee I’ll be building one of those headbands for Cheese before this lockdown is done!

Puppies and Unicorns Entry #2

Puppies And Unicorns Entry # 2

There we go! Chock full of smiles rainbows and those amazing fried egg daisies! What do you think it is about unicorn manes that makes em so flowy? Hollow cores like bird bones maybe? or hell maybe its just all the magic! Nicely played sir!

Puppies and Unicorns Entry #1

Puppies And Unicorns Entry # 1

Our first entry going with the tried and true, biomechanically enhanced chimera! And I mean, purple is magical as hell, those wings scream long held wisdom… only thing I’m curious about is what appears to be three sets of nostrils… but why question magic, right?