The chickenfoot

Half Man Half Chicken and All Sexy

No! Not the Hagar fronted band! Now that we have that out of the way, let me explain. My life has been oddly chicken-centric the last few weeks, the book I’m reading has human minded transdimensional traveling fowl, which was probably the trigger for the giant chicken wreaking havoc downtown dream… but why I had to go back to the same restaurant twice in one weekend because their broasted chicken was so good is anyone’s guess.

It seems there are very few true mythical chickens and we’ve already done a Cockatrice, so I’m stealing this from an episode of Invader Zim (a damn fine cartoon and the source of my dog Gir’s name). But anyways Chickenfoot was simply described as half-man, half-chicken, and wanders at the “fringes of society”. Turned out in the end he was just a guy stuck in a chicken costume.

Now I know one tv show does not a myth make, but my take is this, it’s only gonna take one really funny drawing to cement him forever in the bowels of our culture. So take some fun-to-draw chickeny parts put em on a person as you see fit and let’s see what we come up with!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Megan Lugo! She’s a long time buddy, has always enjoyed delicious chickens, chickeny humor and long ago I watched her chase a salesgirl out of a room while wearing a chicken hat! Remember her word is law!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 11

Chicken Foot Entry # 11

Ha! I’m impressed with the geometry but dammit if the best part of this isn’t the expression on said Chickenfoot’s face showing that he is far less than impressed with his additional feature! And the yellow toenails soooo yucky!

Judge’s Commentary

Because it is so literal with him having a excellent foot body and chicken head, and the fact that he is mad about it…

the ChickenFoot Entry # 7

Chicken Foot Entry # 7

So straightforward but sooo good! Even a Chickenfoot has chores though he seems not to mind! I’m relatively sure that is a Chickenfoot branded polo and his high waisted chickenshorts are going to haunt me for a while!

Judge’s Commentary

Traditional yes, but has so much comic potential… Chicken-man-foot watering his lawn smoking a cigarette and looks like the “get off my lawn” sort of cranky suburban chickenfoot, that is good stuff…

the ChickenFoot Entry # 16

Chicken Foot Entry # 16

Why’d the ChickenFoot cross the road?… To get to that ear of corn silly! Is it just me or does this guy look sorta like he’s dancing his way across? And that is one mighty foot!

Judge’s Commentary

He seems to be genuinely perplexed at his one foot chicken in egg status….

The Chickenfoot Entry # 1

Chicken Foot Entry # 1

The ever elusive secret ingredient number 12? It’s legal to think him at least 50% delicious right? And we’ll see what this week brings… but I have a hard time imagining a time when chicken legs are no longer funny!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 2

Chicken Foot Entry # 2

Take me to your feeder! Man I knew Chickenfoot would be fun! My favorite part is how the lil wingtips flair out of the sleeves, and dammit if the pin striped pants don’t make that outfit!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 3

Chicken Foot Entry # 3

I don’t know if i should post this or just sell it for several million dollars! I’m reading this to be a metaphor for the inward battle to triumph over one’s fears… or maybe it’s just about the post office?

the ChickenFoot Entry # 4

Chicken Foot Entry # 4

Ha! Soo sexy! Now is the sumptuous waitress chickenfoot showing her wares for tips or is this like the Hitchhikers Guide’s Ameglian Major Cow? Where she comes table side to suggest her finest parts and how best they’d be

the ChickenFoot Entry # 5

Chicken Foot Entry # 5

Ha! this one got me good! not sure if it was the I’ll gladly pay you tuesday stache or the concept that if you are gonna hide orthopedic lifts, there’s probably no better shoe than a tall ass chicken!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 6

Chicken Foot Entry # 6

Hey who let the ghost of Gacey in here! So brilliantly creepy on so many levels! Almost none of you will get this but he’s wearing mousepants! He’s carrying around a basket of what I can only assume are his own eggs… and is he teasing us with those unhitched suspenders?

the ChickenFoot Entry # 8

Chicken Foot Entry # 8

So masculine and regal! Such strong hip flexors and such tiny tiny arms! One of my IT buddies once told me that like 65% of women at our old workplace had a picture of Johnny Depp in their space, I like to think this a suitable replacement!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 9

Chicken Foot Entry # 9

I’m trying to think of a scenario where the town could learn to appreciate this fine Chickenfoot for his talents. But how often does a town have a large pebbly field where they need seeds quickly separated? Nice to see the cut-offs again!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 10

Chicken Foot Entry # 10

AAHHHH! Dammit! So beautiful and serene and pubey! So many good touches from the tan-lines to the wonderfly rendered gradient lamay I’m gonna have sex with you robe! And a downright pleasing palatte to boot!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 12

Chicken Foot Entry # 12

Don’t worry lil guy, the power of the poultry will triumph end the end, history is on your side! Is he holding balloons? and i love that he’s perched on one of those there tie your boat to me thingies!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 13

Chicken Foot Entry # 13

Houlihans chicken fingers claim another victim! Sort of the counterbalance to #8, such feminine plummage and damn refined balance for having an exposed bone. Do birds have eyelashes? not that it matters, now I’m just curious…

the ChickenFoot Entry # 14

Chicken Foot Entry # 14

(oldtimey)He’s got those happy (chicken) feet! he’s got those happy feet… happy feet all the tiiiiimeee…(/oldtimey) Man i can hear those toes a tappin’ from here! Plus i love a good ol’ time lapse drawing!

the ChickenFoot Entry # 15

Chicken Foot Entry # 15

Man such bitter irony, they say its so hard to find work in this economy, sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta… Unless I’m reading this entirely wrong, it’s possible he’s on the egg predator list as well?

the ChickenFoot Entry # 17

Chicken Foot Entry # 17

A Chickenfoot late for the judging party but welcome all the same. Little bit MadMen , which makes me wonder what kinda booze a Chickenfoot would drink in a martini? Corn liquor? Regardless, I bet it’d be fowl! yessssss!!!

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