The Cu Sith

The Cow Sized, Death Bringing, Fairy Hound of the Scottish Highlands

Pretty sure most of you will have at least some knowledge of said beast, what with Zep comparing them to destructive women for the better part of the last century from every van in the country, but just in case, let’s start at the beginning.

First off while not nearly as tough sounding it’s pronounced “coo shee”. Second while this beast is considered to be a version of the Black Dog legends of Britain, and carries many of the same traits like, giant cow-like size, long shaggy wolfy hair and a tendency to harbinge death…. this dude is actually a dark mossy green and his tail fur is so long he wears it in a giant pleated braid.

Cu Sith lives amongst the cliffs of the Scottish Isles and hunting nightly for nursing women and ill informed American tourists in the fog shrouded moors, and here’s the really important part to remember… You get three barks or howls… The first signifies that he’s on someones scent, the second one, well in my opinion the second one is merely for sportsmanship, cause if you are still outside by the time you hear the third… well you’re dead. Whether from fright, some sort of magic or whether there’s a giant green dog eating the soft parts of your belly… hard to say, but you will most definitely not be enjoying breakfast the next morning.

So that’s it, lets see some tartans, lets see some peat bogs, lets see some euro teefed nursing mothers running for their lives and here’s hoping someones got a good Clifford reference in em.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeTwas a bit of a ghost town this past week and I’m busily trying to get all of our new prize designs out the door, so I just let the facebook fans pick the winners this time around. But deep inside know that so long as you drew, you’re much much better than Cody :) and I appreciate the participation!

The Cu Sith Entry # 6

The First Place Cu Sith Entry

Ah sweet irony! It’s not just an adjective for old timey robots anymore! Both the Cu Sith and the dopey lil snork horned Nessy are making me happy as hell! I count funny on at least three levels… how about you?

Just lil note – Technically our vote on Facebook was a tie, but since Cate’s won like three of the last 4 battles with here oddly Akbar eyed beasts, I figured she wouldn’t mind sharing the glory with this fantastically self referential creation!

The Cu Sith Entry # 3

The Second Place Cu Sith Entry

Well dammit if those lil hair hound brushing, tail braiding and milk draining octapid looking fairies aren’t fantastic! Totally the wrong kind of ferns for the Scottish highlands though… so sadly you’re disqualified…. I kid! I kid! nicely done!

The Cu Sith Entry # 2

The Third Place Cu Sith Entry

So it’s been a long held belief of mine that one of the main reasons that young uns like unicorns and ponies is you can braid their tails all the way up… Come on science… time to do your thing… while you’re at it a poopless pup might be nice too!

The Cu Sith Entry # 1

The Cu Sith Entry # 1

So if you were to believe a few of the random google results for Cu Sith you’d see that the reason it’s into nursing mothers is he kills the babies and kidnaps the mothers to feed the hungry fairies with her milk… Dark as it is, I figure this at least gives the lil Scottsman a soft baby fisted chance to fight for himself….

The Cu Sith Entry # 4

The Cu Sith Entry # 4

“not at all pathetic, fear him.” – Ha! Believe took this long to get referenced… I cannot! His paws on that light saber are amazing!

The Cu Sith Entry # 5

The Cu Sith Entry # 5

I like this! He can patrol the Scottish highlands, AAAAAnd save money on his electricity bill… (get it cause his tail looks a lil like a CFL)… And, besides a bald person, what doesnt look adorably better with a moptop just hanging over its eyes like that?

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