The Cynocephali

The Dog Headed Humans of Medieval Heraldry

Medieval Europeans are not usually famed for their accurate descriptions of newcomers nor strangers. But I’m pretty sure you can put those concerns aside in this case. As it’s way easier to believe that the Cynocephali were an African/Middle Easterly people affected with what seems to be a case of gigantism combined with your common dog headism… vs believing that 4,5 or even a few more storytellers could have misrepresented a few traits to make the antagonists in their stories a lil spicier? Plus if it weren’t true, I’m sure history would have sorted it all out…

So here’s what we’re working with

  • Body of a human being
  • Head of a dog or jackal
  • Unnaturally strong and thick necked
  • Dark skinned and hairy
  • Communicate by barking
  • Appears commonly on medieval heraldry
  • (I’m just assuming this one but…) Really good at cards

and there you go! Keep in mind St Christoper was supposedly a Cynocephali, so yes, even old dog headed barbarians can be taught new tricks. I’m trying to swap some things around on the site so giving us a full two weeks again. And if you’ve never drawn, dammit get in here and do so as I like giving newcomers shirts!

judgement Is Complete

The Cynocephali Entry # 6

The First Place Cynocephali Entry

Hahaha so this came with a note that simply said ” I kinda wish they still made pants like this.” which immediately made me laugh, but then i was trying to figure out why the posturing looks so F’ing good… and you know dammit, it really is those pants! The way that helmet makes this feel cartoon dog is amazing btw!

Judge’s Commentary – You know all the talent and creativity involved aside, it’s that the helmet reminds me of the ships the Pollutants came to Wump World inside of in one of my favorite Bill Pete children’s books… now if someone could only give me a bumbershoot tree to keep the dew off my back!

The Cynocephali Entry # 5

The Second Place Cynocephali Entry

Haha! The “I mean bow wow” sorta cracked me up this morning! You gotta love realistic the canine nipple placement and that in a room literally chock full of ferocious weaponry and fanciful armor, they are settling the real old fashioned way! Also welcome newcomer!

Judge’s Commentary – Man this one came from a young un with such an earnest note about learning to draw that my heartstrings are still singing! All I can really say is as an artist, you may never truly be satisfied with your work but in my mind the important part is you’ll certainly have a hell of a lot of fun doing it! And we hope to see you drawing again!

The Cynocephali Entry # 7

The Third Place Cynocephali Entry

You know some teachers will tell you there’s a lil something magical about perspective and foreshortening being off just enough to tell your story… here it adds this wonderful relaxing stretch and comforting warmth as your eyes roll down to the legs… well the fact that it has a frenchy head and is reading Jane Airedale doesn’t hurt that either… but you know what I mean!

Judge’s Commentary – Dammit if it’s not finally getting cold out and like a favorite sweater or hoodie, there ain’t a part of this that doesn’t feel warm and cozy…and that just feels right this week! I’m especially fond of that lil doggie grin!

The Cynocephali Entry # 1

The Cynocephali Entry # 1

Hahaha, you know sometimes you can just tell its gonna be a good battle right from the start… I mean are tiny heads are ever wrong? I think not! Though I’m torn as to whether that tat should say “mother” or if it should be the more common cynocephali pronunciation of “woof”!

The Cynocephali Entry # 2

The Cynocephali Entry # 2

Kinda how I see our boys… While he’s never specifically said so, I’ve always figured Fenton (like Skeelo) wishes he were a bit taller, so i thought I’d do him a favor… and while he’s always been way too wide for even an xxl dog sweater, you have to admit Gir looks striking here… and yes by striking I mean like a murderer! :)

The Cynocephali Entry # 3

The Cynocephali Entry # 3

Yes! More dogs in ties! It’s funny I wouldn’t think with its mouth full of razor sharp murder that a dog would default to a cleaver of all things… and really by the looks of it.. maybe our Cynocephali didnt either! Part of the reason we have pets I suppose, they bring with them a lil adventure!

The Cynocephali Entry # 4

The Cynocephali Entry # 4

Every long once in a while a beast gets rended from the cold, wet darkness that reminds us why the protection of fire was so important to primitive man… Also great front butt!

The Cynocephali Entry # 8

The Cynocephali Entry # 8

Yesss! Interesting, that I dont recall sending a beast shirt to any dog people… but you gotta admit he’s making it look pretty great… I mean if we are to learn one real applicable life lesson from history, it’s if you’re going to cut the legs off your pants, you damn well be ready to cut off your sleeves to complete the look!

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