The Fury

It’s Like a Super Hot Gorgon!

No not furries! In Greek Mythology, these were avenging female monsters of supernatural power. Potentially spawned from the castrated junk of Ouranos as it was cast to sea. Descriptions vary, but here are some of the main points: dark skin, hair made from live snakes (yes, just like a Gorgon only hotter), sometimes the head of a dog, hands also entwined with snakes, bat or bird-like wings, horrible breath and mostly they terrified the people of Greece with their hotness and oft’ revealing outfits.

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was the one and only Ken Throwaway! A sideburn wearing, motorcycle liking, grid design enthusiast and buddy. His word is law. See results below

The Fury Entry # 11

The Furies Entry # 11

Such a good use of the snake arms! That face makes me happy as hell and cheers to the incredibly rubenesque butt!

The Fury Entry # 8

The Furies Entry # 8

Man that really is word for word the description! From the brown-bagged dog face to the birth from junk and everything in between! I’m especially fond of the zippered peen!

The Fury Entry # 13

The Furies Entry # 13

I swear if this doesn’t make you smile you may be a total dick! It’s that moose nose again, it’s so good, and a very sultry body wiggle to boot!

The Fury Entry # 1

The Furies Entry # 1

I’m playing the boob card this week! I like to think it’s a little Vaughn Bode a little Bloom County and a little angry lunch lady. I wish roller skates were easier to get right.

The Fury Entry # 2

The Furies Entry # 2

This is so going to be another reference i miss, I wanted it to be straight Warriors, then I wanted it to be a Stooges poster, and now I’ve just settled into knowing the sheepy looking one on the left makes me happy as hell!

The Fury Entry # 3

The Furies Entry # 3

Titled – Poseidon’s Furie of the Month: Miss April: Megaera Monropoulos. Good strategic snake placement, and great wings. Though i gotta say the stockings look fresh from the box scratchy.

The Fury Entry # 4

The Furies Entry # 4

Ha! Really i suppose it depends on what you are into Ms Fury! Possibly my favorite snake faces thus far and this one’s pulling some serious squirrel points! If only i could see his tiny squirrel arms!

The Fury Entry # 5

The Furies Entry # 5

So i got forewarning that this one looked like Sailor Moon with snakey pigtails and dammit, that pretty much says it. Though that snake head on the bottom left is now officially my favorite!

The Fury Entry # 6

The Furies Entry # 6

Aww now I want a fancy 3-d program too… Not sure if all zoos have the injection mold machines that make animal souvenirs smelling ferociously of crayon. But ours do and dammit if one that made topless Mythical Beasts wouldn’t be cool.

The Fury Entry # 7

The Furies Entry # 7

Hey Fury, hate to see you go but I sure love the view… or however that goes… I’m saying first fury that seems to need a sandwich, and I like that the wings look a little like frog hands sticking out of her back!

The Fury Entry # 9

The Furies Entry # 9

Titled “Hell Hath No Fury…Like a Fury Scorned”. I’m trying to decide if she has grown from the discarded peen or trampled it in a dancey fit of vengeance, regardless this is proof that ballet is better with snakes!

The Fury Entry # 10

The Furies Entry # 10

Ha! Such an evil sky! and good snake weaving through their lil’ fury hands! While I’m not sure i can give you credit for the doll holding the snake head’s face… it’s pretty fantastic.

The Fury Entry # 12

The Furies Entry # 12

I like that it feels a little Venture Bros-y! and such mystery behind that hair on the left, or is she just hiding braces? We may never know!

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