The Ghost

The Semi transparent Mostly Dead

It’s Halloween this week and I figured I’d throw a slow pitch softball of a beast at you so you still had time to make your sexy costumes or gather your pig blood or whatever you need to do to properly celebrate the holiday.

According to wikipedia: a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living. Descriptions of the apparition of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike visions.

From Large Marge and Booberry to that dick in the Entity, we should all have plenty of pop culture references to pull from, so have fun with it and don’t forget to make it scaaaaarrrry!

judgement Is Complete

our judge Our Judge this week was David Bacso, sous chef at the famed Kumas Corner, and from my understanding the creator of the now infamous Ghost – burger of the month featuring the delicious goat meat red wine reduction and unconsecrated communion wafers. I believe you’ve already missed your chance to try the Ghost, but the Sleep burger is more than delicious… so get yer ass to Kumas, feast, drink your fill, and tell the crew we thank them for their support of Beast Drawings… (they’ll have no idea what your talking about, but it’ll still be fun to say!)

The Ghost Entry # 2

First Place Ghost

“Here is a smelly ghost for you.” – ha! phantom smells are the worst! Though i gotta say that one looks almost too cute to really smell tangible and I’m vastly entertained by this guy’s steam engine arm style fart cranking leg maneuver and it’s vague two tone ska record feel.

Judge’s Commentary

First place goes to flatulent ghost. The ghost seems shocked due to the probable severity of damage done to the farter’s butt and hole. Hilarity aside the art is on point.

The Ghost Entry # 6

Second Place Ghost

So our koi, Emory and Oglethorpe, got brought inside for the winter over the weekend and it would seem Emory was just never gonna be an inside fish, while we slept last night he made what must have been a pretty glorious 9-11 inch leap over the side of his tub and went for what i would imagine was a floppy wander around the basement before joining that mighty fish pond in the sky…so… This one’s for you T-Bird!

Judge’s Commentary

Sorry for your loss. Emory lives on!

The Ghost Entry # 8

Third Place Ghost

So this artist claims to not know what has transpired in said work. But to me it’s my favorite kind of haunting, a residual, where something so emotionally heavy happens, it stains the space it occupied with a mindless loop of the occurrence. And this was most obviously the first time someone blew a bubble so hard they f’ing swapped dimensions!

Judge’s Commentary

Drugs. This artist was smoking drugs. Good work!

The Ghost Entry # 1

The Ghost Entry # 1

Is it ever too soon to walk on the wild side? I’m gonna say that’s kinda the point of doing it… though I think, were it not for the heroin needle to confirm the newly dead identity, it looks like you came dangerously close to cursing Jeff Goldblom to death! ; )

The Ghost Entry # 3


Ok so I agree with the artist in that it’s considerably funnier if you read that caption in Christian Bale’s dumb ass throaty bat-voice… And while one could take it as a statement on the overselling to death of comics we loved, I’m looking at it more as a “ghosts like to dress up too” kinda thing!

The Ghost Entry # 4

The Ghost Entry # 4

Look at that! a slightly creepy one even! Plus there’s all sorts of mystery elements throwing my brain for a loop… why haunt a place where you’re taller than the door? is there a slide leading down to said door? and is she holding a mallet backwards or does she have a wooden lever in her thigh? And whats with dressing like snow white

The Ghost Entry # 5

the Ghost Entry 5 version 2

If you hate surprises or have a serious heart condition perhaps you should look away! Personally… seeing as it’s Wednesday, where I’ll probably spend an hour or so watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Mine on syfy… I’ll just say “yaaaaay spooky ghost!”

the Ghost Entry # 7

The Ghost Entry # 7

I like that the lines between angel and ghost are starting to blur here, I mean the halo makes what is obviously a ghost freaking adorable… but what if he were to earns his wings? he has no where to put them!!!

The Ghost Entry # 9

The Ghost Entry # 9

Now bear with me here, cause I’m not entirely sure what’s happening, I mean that could just be two differently shaped ghosts in love, or a representation of the completed plot of the movie with swayze-balls… But I kind of like to think this is exactly the kind of ghosts you’d see while looking past your wine glass… who’s company you have been over-enjoying all night…

The Ghost Entry # 10

The Ghost Entry # 10

Man It looks like he wants to take tangles out of my hair sooooo bad! I’m pretty impressed how much sadsquatch you have managed to squeeze into this ghost “sean”, and glad to see he enjoys jean-shorts in the afterwards!

The Ghost Entry # 11

The Ghost Entry # 11

So according to our artist, in St Louis you are supposed to tell a joke before a household gives you candy and this was their 4 year old nephew’s favorites joke… I mean can you fault him? Also I’m impressed that he can stay in such high spirits with an obviously hyper-extended knee!

The Ghost Entry # 12

The Ghost Entry # 12

The natural coincidences that happen some weeks just crack me up… from the “Boo Bee” joke into this? I kinda love this one with it’s lack of movement, downward pointed toes to confirm floatyness and humorously round ghost boobs!… I wonder if she ever blinks?

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