The Gougou

Canada’s fish scaled Giantess with a Fever for the flavor of Fishermen!

So supposedly there is a deserted island somewhere in Canada’s St Lawrence Bay… rumor has it said island has a singular female inhabitant who lives in a cave (so it’s not really deserted now is it?), is easily 40-50 feet tall, covered in fishy scales and when she’s not making eerie echoing wailing sounds terrifying local native tribes like the Micmac, she’s wading around in the bay looking for fisherman in much the same way people look for clams… carrying a big ol’ sack, plucking up the ones she finds and saving em to devour later.

That’s pretty much it! There was a knock off Chinese search engine that shared the same name so those of you who search for reference may have some issues wading through that this week… so I say you make her big! you make her scaley, hungry for fisherman and you make her Canadian and we should have ourselves a game!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur judge this week was Nikki LeServe, AKA Cloud Pancakes (I wish I could help ya there?)… a talented young designer on my team at work, fresh from school and ready to take on the world! Check out some of her work here: And I’ll have all of you slacker judges know, she turned this judgement around with comments in record time of under an hour! So thanks to her and thanks to all of you for playing!

The Gougou Entry # 10

The First Place Gougou Entry

So first and foremost, everyone knows real kraken holes are waaaay bigger than that, but that misstep aside, there is a lot of great going on here, I mean that Gorton’s dressed boatman is in fact investigating her hand with a magnifying glass no? The treble hooked paper boat earring and maple leaf belly chain are great and the boob crammed with snacks especially the dolphin is still making me chuckle… but what the hell is emblazened on that boob? Two Gumbies and a volcano?

Judge’s Commentary – What a purty lookin’ Gou Gou…the bra filled with midnight snack fishermen killed me.

The Gougou Entry # 2

The Second Place Gougou Entry

I gotta admit the fishermans expression made me smile… though I’m kinda doubting his observational skills seeing as she got awful close before he noticed… and now i need to know who the hell you got to do a tramp stamp that big… or for that matter where you get hot shorts that size… who’d have thunk Canada held such wonders?

Judge’s Commentary – Canadians and their oversized booty shorts and tramp stamps.

The Gougou Entry # 7

The Third Place Gougou Entry

Ha! You know there is not a single eye looking in the same direction as one of the other eyes in this pic! And is she holding him out in front or is she just smashing that lil fisherman into the base of her boobs?

Judge’s Commentary – Is that fisherman her new Barbie doll or is she trying to suffocate him with her boobs? Either way, highlarious!

The Gougou Entry # 1

The Gougou Entry # 1

It just goes to prove fishnets still make everything hotter, even potentially cold blooded frog faced fish people… though I suppose in this case they do kinda highlight the one boob bigger than the other syndrome…

the Gougou Entry # 3

The Gougou Entry # 3

Now I suppose I should apologize because if I’m going to mindf*k you with an idea as big as a magical x-ray monocle I should at least ask first.

the Gougou Entry # 4

The Gougou Entry # 4

Man cue the old timey big band hot leg cartoony music! Though I sorta want this to be kinda anglerfishy, like its a horrible blob of a beast in that cave, with a sexily stockinged giantess’ leg for a tongue to lure fisherman in via promise of snoo snoo!

The Gougou Entry # 5

The Gougou Entry # 5

“Darn those fisherman bones!” Yesss, the old role reversal! You know I had quite the dilemma trying to decide which way fish scales would run on a boob, this seems way more right! I love you that her eyebrows tell you she’s a discerning fisherman fan.

The Gougou Entry # 6

The Gougou Entry # 6

Ha! Nice to finally see a beast with some natural boob! Though if you look how close her meal was to landing his fish, I think she could have waited a few more moments to snatch him… Isn’t that the whole point of Kobe beef? the happier the meat the more delicious?

The Gougou Entry # 8

The Gougou Entry # 8

You know all the blue and snow capped peaks made me realize I never even considered how freaking cold that water must be… Somewhere Paul Bunyan is looking at this pic and is very confused as to what to properly feel.

The Gougou Entry # 9

The Gougou Entry # 9

Haha, Canadian restaurants, obviously weird as sh*t! Is she sitting on the floor in front of her booth seat? and do you think when they ordered said booths they said “just make ’em womby”.. And while not as fun to look at, if i’m going all you can eat, I’m doing battered and deep fried fisherman vs roasted.

The Gougou Drawing # 11

The Gougou Drawing # 11

Man that’s some nice giant man eating fish lady plumage! And one hell of a broiling sea! now if i could just figure out whats up with that oddly squidy front butt 😉

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