The Grindylow

It Aint Easy Being Green and Toothy!

The Grindylow is a water demon, most recently welcomed in pop culture as a part of the Harry Potter franchise, I think I most recently ran across them in China Mieville’s the Scar but they originated from folktales in the English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Where they were used as a bogeyman to keep children from playing near the edges of dangerous bogs.

Said to be green, horned, long, sinewy and toothsome to the highest degree. I’ve also seen them described as having an upper torso, similar to a goblin with the lower half of an octopus…They would hide in the shallow waters waiting for children to approach where they would use their ridiculously long appendages to grab and strangle the lil’ ones and pull them into the murk to never be seen again. Mostly I think I’m excited about how many illustrated bubbles we’re going to see to signify the underwaterness of it all!

judgement Is Complete

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The Grindylow Entry # 11

the Grindylow Entry # 11

I like the bold juxtaposition of a cute octopi and what appears to be a throbbing wiener bib! And is that a diaper? You broke, like, 4 sea taboos here. Oh, that’s a lobster

Judge’s Commentary

I was drawn to it immediately. Covering so many of the descriptors in a subtle and innocent manner, but it was the floating diaper that won this one for me. Ew! That’s like having a dirty band aid sweep across your leg in the shallows, only worse! Nobody wants to find one of those in the water, BUT at least it looks clean…Between that, the penis-y lobster bib and hair sprout on top of it’s grindy head (can aquatic creatures even grow hair, if so, creepy!) this one was the one to beat!

the Grindylow Entry # 9


Nothing like a good surprise underwater hug. Poor guy should have that leg-like tumor on his tail looked at, might be mermAIDS. And is that a cameo from the mythical Roosterworm at the bottom?

Judge’s Commentary

So many good bits to this drawing! HUGE fan of that mysterious right leg, and is it me, or does this Grindylow look like it’s about to RAWKlobster, giving out dueling, webbed metal signs! The inconspicuous bubble formation around the head makes me think it might already be headbanging! And come on with the King Prawn already, it’s like two winning pieces in one!

the Grindylow Entry # 2

The Grindylow Entry # 2

Well that’s a hot Mermaid But that lovesick and possibly panicked young Grindylow really brings a smile. I mean think about it, how do you make such an elegant card underwater, he prolly had to reach out of the shallows and do it blind!

Judge’s Commentary

Being that our anniversary was this past week, I’m feeling a little warm and fuzzy about the amorous Grindylow offering of love. Provided he isn’t a “drooler” with that mouth of his (and would that even be obvious under water anyway?), you have to wonder, does that mermaid even know how lucky she is? She seems to at least be thinking about it…

the Grindylow Entry # 1

the Grindylow Entry # 1

I don’t know if that’s an “OMG I’m so happy to see you” face or an “OMG you are gonna be delicious” one but I’m gonna bet if you’re a snail, even a snail who’s an old friend, a visit from the grindylow is always overstimulating.

The Grindylow Entry # 3

the Grindylow Entry #2

Oh man so good, so many images at once, it’s like Creature from the black Lagoon crossed with Old Man River crossed with that floating eyeball tentacled thing from Big Trouble Little China? Regardless good fun! and nice and scribbly.

the Grindylow Entry #4

the Grindylow Entry # 4

So first off it’s adorable, well maybe twisted and adorable, you gotta love his smile… but there was something troubling me and i think its the fact that the thigh coming out above the diaper makes the baby look like a really f’d up bunny!

the Grindylow Entry # 5

the Grindylow Entry # 5

And a Grindylow siiiings liiiike THHHHHIIIIIs! the moment I saw it that’s all I could think, I mean it could be conducting an orchestra, but that looks like singing to me. I also like that it’s the exact opposite of a wacky waving inflatable…

the Grindylow Entry # 6

the Grindylow Entry # 6

I like the mystery of the third appendage… Torso? Tail? Only remaining where once there were two? Grindylow wang? I’d probably pay like 100 bucks to have that in a tank, only it’d have to stay two dimensional, or it’d be scary.

the Grindylow Entry # 7

the Grindylow Entry # 7

Ooh maybe it’s this monitor but that looks like the blue of the shirt an internet professional! And I love that his hands and eyes are like “whoah let’s slow this down” but his multiple tongues are screaming yes!

the Grindylow Entry # 8

the Grindylow Entry # 8

Yes a lil’ gore! I lost track of the Harry Potter franchise somewhere around the fourth movie… so I could be unaware if this is a faithful recreation, but I love the clean separation of halves and the young wizards look of surprise!

the Grindylow Entry # 10


I’d be scared too if a corncob-bearded God was shaking his mighty kernels all over my head! It’s just not sanitary! I like the arm gills…

the Grindylow Entry # 12

the Grindylow Entry # 12

And that, my fellow Grindylows, is why you must join me! Rise up and eat all of our shore walking oppressors and rightfully claim the cattails as our own once more!n Those hands are gonna crack me up for days!

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