The Japanese Nue

The Japanese Chimera with Head of a Monkey, Body of a Dog, Limbs of a Tiger and Tail of a Snake!

Been a while since we’ve had a good old multi-beast chimera and this one’s coming from Japan so you know (and no offense intended japan) It’s legend is going to be barely sensical and entertainingly weird as hell.

For those of you who can’t read much past the first paragraph, let me run through this quick. As our subtitle suggests, we’ve got a beast with:

the head of a monkey

what kind I’m unsure, but just figure japan’s got monkeys like we have squirrels, so you have some options…

the body of a raccoon dog

which is literally an asian dog that looks almost exactly like a freaking softly striped raccoon…

the limbs of a tiger

dont forget tigers have some enormous face swiping mitts!…

and the tail of a snake

literally the tail of one or a tail made from one?… no clue?

Now your Nue is supposed to be able to turn into a black cloud and bring about sadness, misfortune and ill there’s an odd legend about a sick emperor and some dude who blindly shot arrows into clouds until something fell out which he promptly claimed “Nue” and buried it in the sea of japan… but really that’s only vaguely relative to your task… Just know you don’t want a Nue foot on your key chain and probably shouldn’t bring one to the horse track…

I’m keeping the judging reigns on this one and throwing a shirt at whoever i think is best hitting what I envision to be the sweet spot somewhere between genius, offensive and adorable or is that horrible… I always forget… anyways do your worst and lets see where that gets us!

Extra points for anyone who’s “nue” (get it?) or anyone who can accidentally tie this beast to the, similarly spelled to dyslexics, Kraftwerk spinoff band!
judgement Is Complete

The Nue Entry # 6

The First Place Nue Entry

So in order to remain truly transparent (and ’cause it helps explain my point) I should explain that i sit very close to this artist on a daily basis and dammit if she didn’t cheerfully and quietly narrate, each new element to this as it was created… “…and here’s the arrows coming from MT Fuji…” I mean how can you not love that! Plus that’s a damn fine stern monkey face on that dark cloud!

Judge’s Commentary – For a few simple reasons, first it tells a much more complete story than most of the others… now whether that story reads “sad blue cloud monkey poop floods mountain valley” well i think that’s up to interpretation. Second cause I know this artist has wanted to draw for a long time and finally gathered the courage to join in, and courage should generally be rewarded, and third cause those lil caterpillar tiger feet are F’ing amazing!

The Nue Entry # 7

The Second Place Nue Entry

Well dammit I wanna poke a lil fun at your obvious talent, but that is some beautiful furry beasting, and all are welcome, so I’m just gonna let you being good at this slide this time :) Plus you bring up a pretty valid point: having a self aware snake as a tail might suck! Imagine waking up from a good winters nap and realizing one of your feet is half digested in the belly of your own tail!

Judge’s Commentary – Now I may not always give the win to the most technically great, but I’ll most def give a bit of recognition where it’s deserved, cause I’m not even sure how that color was done with all the fine fur lines intact… so that better be digital paint, cause if you pulled that off with cante crayons or the like, you’re an ass! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Nue Entry # 2

The Third Place Nue Entry

Yes! Dammit those are some damn fine tiger footed monkey paw warmers! And I know that leg warmers have grown past being a dancer’s exclusive accessory for decades now, but dammit if I dont still sorta get the feeling this one could knock out of some early 80s jazz ballet!

Judge’s Commentary – So I just watched “Frankenstein’s Army” and while not a great movie plotwise, it’s pretty jam packed with some impressive nazi corpse mechs… And for some reason this one reminds me of that only with less face drilling and bloodshed and way more screaming with hybrid monkey glee and excited head humping!

The Nue Entry # 1

the Nue Entry # 1

Man cue up the simpleton japanese overdub voices cause this guy is most definitely saying both “huh!” and “Wha?!?” Great round and poofy monkey mane juxtaposed against some good scary red snow monkey slash vampire bat face! And as always extra points for two toe-ed-ness!

The Nue Entry # 3

The Nue Entry # 3

It’s not that often that i pull out a second marker color, (hell it’s not that often that i pull out a marker…) but dammit this guy looked so much like he had an accidental snake boner that I had to water that silhouette down a touch!… This one is really a great example that all of my beast drawings, at their core, are just ugly cartoon cats!

The Nue Entry # 4

The Nue Entry # 4

Sweet black cloud tutu! And so fluffy! and seemingly so good at that old Peruvian severed head ball game… or maybe this is just a severed head ball game of his own creation… or maybe he makes artisinal madballs so long as it involves a severed head I’m saying he looks good at it!

The Nue Entry # 5

The Nue Entry # 5

So here’s what i get right away from this guy he Lasagna, masturbating, licking things obsessively, playing in a band at a pizza joint for tokens and annoyingly letting everyone know just how dangerous he is… though I’m pretty sure his right ankle is broken ;)!

The Nue Entry # 8

The Nue Entry # 8

So there’s a few things that i need to call attention to here, first those freaking tiny legs are fantastic, second I love that the sun has pupils but the beasts eyes are hollow and soulless, third that joint is waaaaaay to big for that guy alone (I know its a talk bubble, stop spoiling my fun), and finally did you guys know that in Indiana they call “belly flops”, “belly smackers?” That kinda blew my mind!

The Nue Entry # 9

The Nue Entry # 9

I’m not even sure I understand how something drawn in pencil can look this much like it has a really bad case of pink eye! Great Sadsquatch style line work and dammit if that’s not a damn fine, I need a nail trim, nightmare claw!

The Nue Entry # 10

The Nue Entry # 10

You know at first I thought it felt a lil like ET, but given a second to reflect, it feels a lot more like a Hobbes suited, tribute to Meathead, the companion seeking and glowing eyed alien from Meatballs 2… “Are you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times?…”

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