Everything you need to know to draw the Michigan Dogman!

Draw Michigan's Dogman

Draw Michigan's Dogman

So I was talking to a Michigander from work the other week…

joking about him being part Melonhead etc… and he was like “Melonhead? wtf is that? everyone from Michigan fears the Dogman dude, who’s afraid of some oaf with a sponge for a head?”

Anyways… that’s how this contest was born! So Here we go!

Since the world is changing dramatically, large chunks of people are still in lockdown, and folks are using their beast drawing time to do things like dipping pineapples in bleach solutions, I’m not wasting time, and we’re just going straight into the fun stuff! descriptors and drawing!

  • Comes from Michigan!
  • Is like seven feet tall
  • Walks on two legs
  • Has the head of a dog
  • Maybe covered in fur, maybe just excessive body hair?
  • Screams like a human
  • Has a sweet ass song written about it
  • Generally up to no good…

Now whether you know Michigan from Evil Dead, it’s 1980s militias, f’ing Rock City or its current state of abandoned metropolises and 10 million roadside wineries… it’s safe to say it’s folks are unique! So you have lots of drawing fodder! Grab a pencil, think up half an idea and go to town! Eventually I’ll be able to mail out shirts again so we’re still picking winners! And what? worst case you make a few folks smile? Just Do(oddle) it!

You’ve got til midnight on Friday the 24th!


The Michigan Dogman Entry # 8

The Michigan DogMan Entry # 8

Oh yeah michiganders are all crazy about their sports! That pup is damn near dignified, And Bells is delicious …. but not sure… something about that blue windbreaker makes me think he wants to pick me up for my weekend custody swap hahaha!

The Michigan Dogman Entry # 7

The Michigan DogMan Entry # 7

Hahaha I swear when i was first thinking of how to display michigan, I thought yeah maybe just a rock…. hahaha glad to see I wasnt the only one! Such good wolf tights btw!

The Michigan Dogman Entry # 6

The Michigan DogMan Entry # 6

By far the best part of this guy is how much it looks like he’s trying to box me! I mean look at him biting that lip in determination!… he’s made the choice, and he’s going for it hahaha!

The Michigan Dogman Entry # 5

The Michigan DogMan Entry # 5

I had another one, but it went… shall we say… askew! So we’re just going with big glassy eyes and a bullet belt!

The Michigan Dogman Entry # 4

The Michigan DogMan Entry # 4

I think if i were a lil during all of this I’d have already eaten my siblings, so I have no problems if the kids wanna play grown up games like drawing mythical beasts! (snicker) This is one of my very talented nieces, I told her everyone in michigan wears plaid and has gone crazy with neverending lake winds… I honestly think she sorta nailed it, plus I’m pretty sure that’s at least a Cheese relative!

The Michigan Dogman Entry # 3

The Michigan Dog Man Entry # 3

Haha! you know i swear its like my imagination has a blind spot, cause every time i see a good switcheroo I’m always so happily surprised! Also… Who’s a good boy???

The Michigan Dogman Entry # 2

The Michigan DogMan Entry # 2

So I think this is a first! the spawn of two of our original drawers, born after the site was, is now old enough to draw! And if i may say so, damn well! Capturing all at once, both the joy, pains and confusion of this “Spring of Doom” and a hearty assortment of droplets to boot! Keep on drawing lil guy!

The Michigan Dogman Entry # 1

The Michigan DogMan Entry # 1

So I know from instagram that this artist has a bad ass version of this beast as a mask too! I gotta say I kinda love the character, walks that line of evil and adorable, and vaguely reminds me of the old blind skateboards reaper!