The Nagumwasuck

Incredibly Ugly Woodland Fairies from Coastal Maine

So we’ve already drawn Pukwudgies and had fun with em, so I figure why not go with a similar Native American legend only this time, smaller and quirkier! The Nagumwasuck are tiny woodland spirits or fairies (only about 7 inches tall) who live near Passamaquoddy settlements along the coast of Maine and into Nova Scotia. They are said to be incredibly ugly, with sad twisted faces, tiny beady eyes, long pointed noses and random tufts of hair… They are often clothed conservatively in softened bark and leaves though occasionally they are told as wandering nude…

Generally peaceful, the Nagumwasuck’s are quiet creatures and tend to hide from humans except on rare occasions where tales tell of them helping lost hunters or fishing tribesmen, and have therefore become a symbol of luck. But most importantly, if one is to run into said Nagumwasuck, it’s imperative to remember that they are incredibly self conscious of their less than savory appearance, and there are many tales of travelers who have laughed at them or ridiculed their size, stature or features who have then going missing or fallen ill or even worse…

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week was Intellectual Property Manager, Rachel Beyler! Back in the Playboy days Rachel had the task of keeping track of who signed enough waivers to allow me and the team to use their pictures to market subscriptions with but for this purpose let’s just say she’s one hell of a beast judge as I think she did a very nice job! Plus she’s the only person I know possessing a deep seated mistrust of Maine and it’s residents! here’s a lil in her own words

The most difficult aspect of judging the submissions to this challenge was the variety in interpretations …. as a Judge, do I have an obligation to provide a level of consistency in my completely subjective choices so the artists can identify a common thread in what I rewarded? Alternately, do I have an obligation to make my choices with a conscientious effort to recognize the varied interpretations on the theme of the Nagumwasuck?

This was a tough call, my friend, a very tough call.

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 6

The First Place Nagumwasuck Entry

“Hunter in the night, the “Fly slayer,” the kidnapper of baby mosquitoes, the defiler of forest flowers, the infamous Nagumwasuck!” – Man those trophy fly skulls are pretty great… hell who am I kidding the whole thing is pretty great especially fond of the pigtails and bee butt!

Judge’s Commentary – It’s impossible to deny the clever appeal of this entry. First and foremost, this is clearly a woodland faerie — between the wings of a black fly and the head-dress made from red-dipped turkey feathers (bonus points for selecting a wild game bird native to Maine), this entry screams northeast woodland resident. The face-paint is a good disguise, and I am particularly impressed by both the wasp abdomen and stinger. The toes are really very nice too. All in all, this entry screams woodland faerie from Maine and is therefore my choice for winner.

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 11

The Second Place Nagumwasuck Entry

Ha even hideous barrel chested, potentially hitler stached and entertainingly skinny limbed Nagumwasucks deserve a nice schvitz on occasion right? Also I’m entertained that the man boobs are so saggy yet the nipples so perky!

Judge’s Commentary – This entry speaks to my inner child who wants to believe in faeries…. clearly the artist was channeling Danny DeVito – a kind and generous comedic talent who happens to be vertically challenged and less than conventional in his appearance. Could Danny DeVito be a REAL Nagumwasuck? To paraphrase Peter Pan, “I do believe in faeries. I do believe in faeries” — if I truly believe then I have to recognize and reward the brilliant vision of the artist who thinks that Danny DeVito in a Russian bath house, could be a real, live Nagumwasuck. Kudos for thinking in terms of real-life application of the theme.

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 8

The Third Place Nagumwasuck Entry

Now I’m just gonna splain this one meself as I have a bit of inside intel, at it’s heart its a much larger than life papa smurf sculpture that marks the front of someones lakehouse up north, while horribly dated, every time i see it i smile and laugh cause you know, they thought of all the things in the world, you know what says “me” most of all… a four foot papa smurf!!!…and to their credit, in this case, I think wood is much friendlier than stone… but back to our story… my wife has had to listen to me whine about lack of submissions all week and while not as doodly as i generally prefer, through some combo of phone aps and instagram filters, she made us this lil scribbled Stephen King Nagumwasuck (that’s obviously what the glasses mean duh) which i thoroughly appreciate!

Judge’s Commentary – Demonstrating the evolution and camouflaging ability of the Nagumwasuck in the 21st century and I am particularly appreciative of the incorporation of smurfs given their socialist origins — considering that the Nagumwausuck is Native American in origin and many of the first nation tribes worked together in what essentially were socialist communities, I think this entry is effective in capturing the origins and evolution of the Nagumwausuck. Nicely done.

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 1

The Nagumwasuk Entry # 1

Aw man so in case this drawing didn’t make that horribly apparent, everyone of you with a pointy English nose is hideously ugly to Katie ;)… Also I’m a big fan of his candy corn shaped body!

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 2

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 2

Yes nothing says hideous more than boogers! Well maybe excessive warts, skin tags and heeey! does he have a goiter? Man what and assemblage of extra parts.. and great old man slipper mocs too!

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 3

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 3

“Oh no fair! you never told us you had tracing paper! You’re so very good at this now! How could we even hope to compete…” Well kids, that’s something you’re just gonna have to dig deep to find out… Nagumwasuckers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Judge’s Honorable Mention – I just really liked this drawing. It’s ugly and adorable and clearly captures the subject of the the Nagumwasuck.

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 4

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 4

“maybe in need of a chiropractor” – Or a thorough roasting! I mean look at those drumsticks! Pretty sure Freud would be smiling at the amount of phallus going on in this one from the clockwork orange schnoz and potentially magic mushrooms to that precious but grumpily cradled acorn… and don’t think i missed that crazy butt… I just knew if i started there, I’d never stop!

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 5

The Nagumwasuk Entry # 5

Haha! This one actually came with an apology for the level of ugly included within which i thoroughly appreciate! You gotta admit he’s pretty hideous and he’s got the sad swollen nips of a minotaur!… As a side note, if any of you watched Farscape, he looks a lil like a tiny Scorpius sans his proto-bondage gear!

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 7

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 7

Ok so am I the only one seeing the adorable lil muppet old lady face in this beasts chest hair… I mean maybe its my tendency to stare away from mountain teef, or i guess in this case we’ll just say Maine teef… regardless what i assume is a loincloth is pretty great and by far the best part if you ask me is the dueling anklets!

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 9

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 9

Yes well first off extra points for being drawn in a moving car, even if that’s not truly the case, I have more fun believing it… and let’s roll through our points shall we… ugly…why yes, those teeth alone could be nagumwasuck!… tiny… well I’m pretty sure that’s a thimble helmet so I’m saying check… and lets see originating from coastal maine… well that looks to be a magic wand and sharpened finger nails and while I don’t know it to be true, I like to think folks in Maine love that sh*t so check!

Judge’s Honorable Mention – My 7 year old daughter was particularly impressed with the cheese grater on this Nagumwasuck’s head — “he can grate dried mushrooms and cheese when he makes flatbread”! Having multi-purposed clothing is always a plus in the Maine wilderness.

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 10

The Nagumwasuck Entry # 10

Oh man I was pretty confident I was gonna see seanbeast ween on this one… those jorts are creeping on what even i might consider low! Does it look like he’s got a cheekfull of nuts or does he just have some odd swelling there and behind his nagaumwsucky head? I mean I know a previous artist mentioned them in terms of being defiled, but imagine the damage a simple mosquito could do to a dude this small… perfect foreshortening on those feet btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

Judge’s Honorable Mention – Between the jorts, the headband, beard and handy the wilderness equipment, this Nagumwasuck looks like he’d be right at home in Maine.

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