The Peryton

The Beast that’s Half Eagle Half Stag and Smells Like a Man

So we have 4th of July around the corner, and being a guy who also enjoys summertime I know better than to fight the current of slack, so we’re letting this run a full two weeks. and since we’re talking the 4th, doesn’t hurt to mention that it’s hard to get manlier or more American than an eagle with stag horns? So you know, do it for your country!

Now technically your Peryton was only mentioned by one famed Argentinian translator, Jorge Luis Borges, in his Book of Imaginary Beings, using a supposedly long-lost medieval manuscript as a source. But that was enough to get it into the Dungeons and Dragons handbook and if it’s good enough for DnD… Hell, who are we kidding? It was good enough for me the moment they said long-lost manuscript!

So now to business, head neck and antlers of a stag, body, wings and feet of an eagle or some equally ferocious raptor. It casts a shadow of a man and is said to smell of the same, (which I’m assuming meant a hell of a lot more when your day consisted of wandering forests and staying downwind of things). Now some images seem to show more of a full grown stag with colorful wings, in more of a Pegasus fashion, so feel free to go that way if you so desire… we don’t really care so long as you draw and it makes us smile!

judgement Is Complete

The Peryton Entry # 2


Ha! It’s possible someone ate too much acid! I love how giraffy the lil baby antlers make him seem and his turkey butt is cracking me up… So here’s a question… Peryton poop? Little mound of rabbit turds or giant unpleasant splat of a large bird?

Judge’s Commentary – Its cause I have no idea if he’s just an adorable mouth breather or if someone just told him his turtle was dead… Good or bad, there’s no doubt there is a hell of a lot of emotion in there so someone give this lil guy a hug!

The Peryton Entry # 4

The Second Place Peryton Entry

“Since their discovery, scientists have been confounded by the bizarre preening habits of the adolescent Peryton.” – Yesss! smelling like a man is what Perytons do best! like Tigers and bouncing! I’m a huge fan of that awkward-teen tree top grasp as well!

Judge’s Commentary – It’s that eye man! I freaking love that single unblinking eye! Had she not just won, I think this one could have been a strong contender for 1st this week!

The Peryton Entry # 8

The Third Place Peryton Entry

Ha! you know I was just looking at a few of my beast drawings from when I was lil and those feathers are exactly how i used to draw dinosaur scales… And it’s a funny realization that things I am most uncomfortable with in real life (like hill teeth) are some of my favorite things to see in drawings!

Judge’s Commentary – You know it’s a simple as this, he/she sorta looks like it’s curtseying which if it is the case is adorable or if not it looks like it really has to pee and that’s enough for me!

The Peryton Entry # 1

The Peryton Entry # 1

Dammit i don’t know if this is supposed to directly represent someone or not so I’ll just say I love him and quote the old comic strip special Fistful of Traveler’s Checks – “The Eagles! yeaaaaah everyone like’s the Eagles!”

The Peryton Entry # 3

The Peryton Entry # 3

Ah youth and their proclivity to reference things to cooties! Kinda mosquito-y so it fits well with the holiday and I love the seemingly shoed feets, his giant all seeing eyes and that superman cape style set of wings!

The Peryton Entry # 5

The Peryton Entry # 5

Dear Jake Leinenkugel! Let’s put this all northwoods inspired Peryton on next years batch of summer shandy! Cause while citrus and beer is delicious, I’m pretty sure it could use some Pike gobbling, yet deer headed raptor imagery to toughen up its image!

The Peryton Entry # 6

The Peryton Entry # 6

Yes! So regal! Rumor has it this was drawn with a magical gifted pencil, you can sorta tell no? I’m a big fan of the Flash Gordon era Hawk People wings and that slight, almost feline, look of disdain!

The Peryton Entry # 7

The Peryton Entry # 7

So of all the mysteries presented here, the one I want most dearly to understand is why ther eare two briefcases driving a car… now some may say, no Chip, that’s the back window… to which i will simply explain, that no it’s not… Man… Seanbeasts with a beak always make me chuckle!

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