Everything You Need To Know to Draw the R.O.U.S.s!

The Rodents Of Unusual Size!

The Rodents Of Unusual Size!

The Fire Swamps Famed Rodents of Unusual Size!

Anyone who’s been around for a while knows that on occasion we’ll include a beast, that while not quite “mythical”, has certainly made it to our pop culture lore! This is for sure one of those… Only appearing in the Princess Bride (you know Andre the Giant, “you killed my Father…”, inconceivable, as you wish and the like which is still one of my favorite F’ing movie/books) So disagree with the choice if you wish, maybe stomp up and down the stairs a few times, but then get over it…. cause we need you to draw a giant, stiffly moving, mange covered rat! here’s what you got to work with.

  • Lives in the Fire Swamp along side the farting spouts of hellfire and Lightning Sands
  • Looks like a giant, human sized, mange covered rodent
  • Likes to eat people, pets, whatever you’ve got!
  • Walks awkwardly, almost like a guy in a costume
  • Wesley doesn’t believe they exist!
    • Now if you’re like my friend, let’s call him “Len”, who refuses to watch anything fanciful with a theme centered on love, you are more than allowed to just draw a large comical rat. But if you are familiar, I’m all for whatever story elements you bring in… btw anybody want a peanut?


      That’s what you’ve got! So get out those pencils, go to town and send that sh*t in cause we’ve been hurting for drawers lately and I’m a man with too many shirts. You’ve got til the 9th…And you can’t win if you don’t draw! So get going!

      Judgement Is Complete

      The First Place ROUS drawingIt’s a small batch so I’m going simple this round! It wins cause: Those feet. Both dinosaur arms and potential rabies! Visible smells and It’s a freaking giant beaver! Plus you get extra points for being new and on point

      Know that judgement is now law and to the victor go the spoils! I’ll be in touch about your shirt soon And don’t forget, you can always send your drawings of a R.O.U.S in late, you won’t win a shirt but I’ll gladly post it for everyone’s enjoyment!


Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 1

The Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 1

No one likes a beggar kid! Big fan of your softer focus background rat, it looks a lot like a giant ghost Jerry!

Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 2

The Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 2

You know if those inflatable “on strike” rats looked more like this dude, I bet they’d attract way more attention… is that even a national thing? If it’s not, you’re missing out…Anyways back to task on hand… that trampled earthwormy tail is amazing, and there’s something about the lack of focus in those eyes that screams unfettered happiness!

Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 3

Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 3

1 part Frazetta, 1 part Bode, 1 part Breathed and 1 part this new puppy really doesn’t like me to spend time drawing yet! Anyways Bow to your Queen of refuse!!!!

Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 4

Rodents of Unusual Size Entry # 4

Our artist brings up an excellent F’ing point! – “Seriously though, have you ever been up close to a beaver? Those fuckers are majestically huge rodents. Rodents that eat fucking trees. A beaver killed a fisherman in Belarus a couple of years ago. Respect the mighty Muckrat.” Hahaha yesss! … your words, your giant, dino armed, smelly lookin beaver, the well accessorized self portrait and those putrid clouds of stink all made me smile so welcome new drawer! It’s possible you’re our first Canadian!