the Slide-Rock Bolter

The Lumberjack’s Famed, Fish Faced, People Eating, Landslide!

Been a lil while since we’ve done an old lumberjacky legend. They almost always have a good turnout, and this one has some of our favorite characteristics to boot, it’s ridiculously oversized and a people eater!

Essentially what we have here is some kind of beady eyed, wide mouthed, sculpin looking, land whale with a grasping hand or claw or hook where it’s tail should be that it uses to secure itself to the top of a hillside.

From this beautiful Rocky Mountain vantage point our beastly protagonist can simply watch the trails below and when a suitably delicious batch of lumberjacks, hikers or explorers unwittingly finds itself in the targeted area, our beast releases a lil slippery drool from the corners of its grin, then opens his mouth wide, releases his tail, slides down the hill gobbling up all people in its path and using its momentum to slip right up the next hillside to begin the process a new!

Here’s the bulleted list for the attention deficient:

  • Enormous Sculpin shaped land fish
  • A mouth large enough to swallow people whole
  • Creepy, beady eyes
  • A tail capable or grasping a hilltop
  • It’s drool acts as a hillside lubricant
  • Leaves evidence much like a landslide

Now as there so often is with Fearsome Critters, there is a lil humorous round up of the story where a forest ranger defeated one of these beasts by stuffing a dummy full of dynamite and dressing it like a tourist… eventually leading to the destruction of said beast and the hillside and the neighboring towns… you get the point… so now we just ask that you draw it!

As is the new plan, Winner Gets a Shirt! And I’m judging again, so extra points if you’re new, or have never won or if you’re really bad, or really good, or just make me laugh, or frighten me, or somehow retell a single framed rocky mountain version of Pinocchio… just do your worst and lets see where that gets us!

judgement Is Complete

Just a quick note on this week’s beast

So Just a quick note as we have a weird real world event/beast coincidence this week. I think it could be perceived as remarkably poor taste to simply ignore that thousands of people just lost their lives in Nepal in a disaster which included landslides… Know, it is exactly that an odd coincidence and my intent is not to lessen the importance of that loss, merely to use drawings to lighten the mood of those of us who still remain… with that said, if you wanna sit this one out or plop your beast in a less mountainous looking locale, i sorta get it and to those who don’t, let’s see some freaking giant land fish!

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 4

The First Place Slide Rock Bolter Entry

I like that they both look equally surprised! And if we learned anything from Sharknado 2 (i think it was 2 at least?) is all this lumberjack has to do to survive, is hold his axe up firmly in front of him and said Slide-Rock Bolter will simply pass by on both sides! I mean given it’ll be messy and a chainsaw is a better option than an axe, but a positive attitude is very important in a survival situation!

Judge’s Commentary – So what with the odd real life landslides coinciding with this weeks beast I sorta feared this one was going no where… and given we were a lil slow but dammit if this one doesnt make me smile everytime i see it… something about the energy and happiness in a cartoon eyed surprise we all latch onto, I suppose… but I’d rather just call it ITNet’s greatness!

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 7

The Second Place Slide Rock Bolter Entry

“he just wanted to be an olympic skiier” – Yes! I bet the Olympic committee would be a hard sell but pretty sure the X games would get a hell of a lot more credit for being “Xtreme” if they started including man eating mythical beast in the ranks of competitors. (I like to imagine the skis and poles are warping from speed btw)

Judge’s Commentary – So I’m especially fond of this one cause his wide mouth enthusiasm carries right out of the downhill run and back up the next… almost like it’s not about eating people at all! Btw I woulda never caught it but our artist linked to her inspiration in a you tube clip down below … which is painfully cuter than even this!

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 5

The Third Place Slide Rock Bolter Entry

So two things i really like about this guy are that he has a lil angler fish lure, but when you take into account his size, odds are that lil fake worm meant to attract prey is probably 70 feet long, and second, I’m pretty sure this guy has grown way past the point of peak potential energy and if he ever releases that tail odds are he’s not moving more than a few feet!

Judge’s Commentary – I think this one is pretty obvious… cause your when your Slide-Rock Bolter sits around the mountain…. he sits aaaarooouund the mountain! This thing is getting up on space whale size! Also those eyes stalks are amazing!

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 1

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry #1

Oh Jabba, is there anything you’re good at? I’m starting to wonder if maybe the title of “crime lord” on tattoine translates more to something way less unskilled like say “droid puncher” on another, less backwoods planet? If nothing else he’s consistently kinda cute when he goes out!

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 2

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 2

So I’m totally calling ice cream cone with a wax lip beehole on this one! though i have to admit the tree whiskers are a nice touch!

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 3

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 3

Somebody order a seemingly good natured, giant mountain pickle?

The Slide-Rock Bolter Entry # 6

The Slide-Rock Bolte rEntry # 6

Hey sweet a slimy, fleshy cave, I’ll just go on in and take a quick nap, I mean, I cant imagine anything going wrong right? … I kinda love the… what do the aussies call it? a wobbegong? look to this cat!

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