The Turkey 2014

The Week We Show Thanks the Only Way We Know How, With Stupid Bird Drawings

It’s that time again! Time to show your appreciation and thanks for the year of giggles, snorts and befuddlement that you, a weird ass group of humorous Mythical Beast Draw-ers provide for one another on a weekly basis.

All that! Just by drawing turkeys!

So, make ’em good, make ’em bad, scribble ’em with crayons, charcoal or pens, cut ’em out of paper, trace em off your hand, draw us a world where zombie turkeys eat people, or space turkeys smoke weed in six wheeled dune buggies, make you’re whole family draw before they eat pie! We don’t care, so long as you can show us you’re out there and like to laugh about silly drawings like the rest of us.

Our record for submissions in a single week came with the turkey 2012, so spread the word, warm up your scanners and let’s do it again, but this time with feeling!

as always please send submissions to
Please submit entries to this address

Please feel free to include your own caption or text with your entry, I may add a snippet here or there but I’ll try to stay true to your original intent. On your marks, get set, draw!

Submissions for the Turkey are due by midnight the evening of Friday the 28th

The Turkey Entry # 1

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 1

Haha I love that a week that I’ve already recommended you bring you parents to join in starts with a giant set of dangling gobbler nuts … never know maybe this is the year you find out your parents like stupid drawings too and we’ll change the whole dynamic in which you get along? A mythical beast drawing site can dream cant it?

The Turkey Entry # 2

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 2

Maybe its because of submission #1 but I cant help thinking all the stuff around the logs are pubes! And I’m choosing to see this one as a trick of forced perspective and in fact this is a picture of a turkey boating in a lake taken from behind a small campfire given the illusion of boily murder!

The Turkey Entry # 3

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 3

Yes sir all part of the normal top hat and bow tie fitting process, we just need you to get your head through here for…. and that’s perfect… ok stand still while i get that tie measurement…. aaaannd….

Great wormy looking gobbler btw!

The Turkey Entry # 4

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 4

This is my first in a 1 part series of post apocalyptic future world turkeyrotica designed solely for e smith and those most like e smith

The Turkey Entry # 5

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 5

So given the, artist i was convinced this was going to be a mock of a Grace Jones album cover, but sadly I was unable to find a match… so Cody and I have discussed and we’ve decided until someone tells us, we’re better off not knowing and instead are focusing on how impressed we are with the good coat and near calligraphic quality of the gravy she’s getting on there!

The Turkey Entry # 6

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 6

Now I know this gets overused in parrot circles but god damn that’s a pretty birdy! and dammit do i like that lil head wearing loise’s rabbit ears!

The Turkey Entry # 7

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 7

Man leave it to turkey week to offer up some learnin’… a “poult” is in fact a baby turkey and in case you were curious, a “Jake” is a young (i think male) turkey… Mostly though I’m impressed how tough a turkey looks in a gas mask!

The Turkey Entry # 8

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 8

Now that’s what I’m talking about! So stern he is! Such chest forward confidence and masculine feathering… plus you’ve got great crooked nubbins.

The Turkey Entry # 9

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 9

Ooh a tribute to handcraftmanship and the food I thought my dead grandma tried to poison me with … Big fan of the testicle/squirrel cheeks and the detailing…. though we may have to consult the asians on the “panel” about those eyes…

The Turkey Entry # 10

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 10

I love how different the intent of a hand turkey becomes when you move his beak towards the end of the thumb… it’s almost got a stretch necked curiosity about its own world view shattering, never mind, speak n spell ignoring, farmyard vocalizations!

The Turkey Entry # 11

The Turkey Entry # 11

Yesss! I tell ya giant footed turkey comedians get no respect!

The Turkey Entry # 12

The Turkey Entry # 12

My favorite thing about this guy is how much he looks to be made of comfy socks! Good strong, working bird’s legs too!

The Turkey Entry # 13

The Turkey Entry # 13

I’ve been watching a lot of that Oak Island show, and I won’t try to deny that hiding a treasure map in a mythical beast drawing site’s holiday submission week would be genius… Good toaster shaped body on this one!

The Turkey Entry # 14

The Turkey Entry # 14

It’s funny as hokey as it is I’ve come to admit I love a good wind blown hair… Also this one smells a little like freedom

The Turkey Entry # 15

The Turkey Entry # 15

Kinda crazy how that much nervous line work around the worried bird can actually make a man drinking with a shotgun seem like the calmest aspect of a picture… Breathe lil bird… breathe…

The Turkey Entry # 16

The Turkey Entry # 16

Good traveling turkey hat stylings! I like how thin the atmosphere feels in this one… good n ghosty!

The Turkey Entry # 17

The Turkey Entry # 17

… It’s nooooobodies business but the Turks!

The Turkey Entry # 18

The Turkey Entry # 18

Even with the tennis balled cane… don’t ya feel this guy/gal could dance? and good grunge era blue goatee!

The turkey Entry # 19

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 19

It’s funny those eyes could convey the horror, sadness and hopelessness that I believe they convey or they could simply be the result of a turkey who’s decided to take way too much acid! Talk about hiding genitals in plain site btw!

The Turkey Entry # 20

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 20

This is the night the turkeys go to war! I’m entertained that proper turkey attire for a cannonball something to death kinda day involves what appears to be a rather sheer skirt!

The Turkey Entry # 21

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 21

The Sean-turkey feels very Big Bird this year! maybe it’s the fluffy separation of all of those individually laid feathers, or maybe it’s just the heart behind those eyes!

The Turkey Entry # 22

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 22

And it’s possible this is where my lack of flag knowledge fails all of you, so I’ll just go with the simple, if a turkey wants to wear a festive multicolored morphsuit, I’m all for it!

The Turkey Entry # 23

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 23

You know, being as obsessed with both fishing and dad-ish puns for as long as I have, you’d think I’d be familiar with this wondrous joining of words before now? Also a fan of how the soccer goal net shading on the dorsal fin gives the impression of enormous daikaijuesque size.

The Turkey Entry # 24

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 24

So longtime contributor jes, found this doodle stashed on the corner of one of their youngest’s school papers and I sorta agree with her that it’s possibly the cutest turkey doodle ever…

The Turkey Entry # 25

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 25

You unlock this door with the key of imagination… Beyond it is another dimension… I’ll always love those old twilight zone intros and dammit if this wouldn’t be a fine shirt to wear to turkeytime festivities!

The Turkey Entry # 26

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 26

So I know it’s not really there but in the gobbler, it looks like someone is bent elbowed grasping at their own neck trying to remove the giant backwards turkey mask… when you combine that with the lil smiling sun this one gets to be dark as hell! Plus it’s got good feathering!

The Turkey Entry # 27

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 27

I like to think that no matter how improbable, and how unrelated to seeds it is, deep down inside, this is exactly why everyone is so afraid of Monsanto!

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