The Werebear

What’s So Special About Wolves?

So I kinda figured there would be all sorts of Werebear legends across the interweb, and there are but none of them can agree… Some say it’s a norse legend, some say native american, Google images would have you believe it was a muscle bound well armed creation of the Skyrim universe and wikipedia just says it’s a trademarked line of Limey toys made for boys so they wouldn’t get bullied…

So we’re going with a real general description this week in hopes it triggers some fun… A Werebear is a lycanthrope of sorts who can transform into a bear… you know what bears look like, and there’s all sorts of bears to choose from… and you know what a man looks like (yes that’s an open invitation)… so just smash em together and see what happens! Anyways… go forth and draw.

And btw this week is officially our 1 year anniversary doing this nonsense so I’m judging this F’er! Make me proud kids!

judgement Is Complete

our judgeOur Judge this week is me, Chip McDougall, your, not all that humble, host and curator here at Mythical Beast Wars… By trade I’m a web designer/art director, I scream for Witchbanger on the weekends, I’m an obsessive hobbyist, gardener and cook and am a huge fan of playing devil’s advocate to the annoyance of most everyone I know. I do this because it makes me laugh and it’s far too inane to take all that seriously, which is generally a good criteria for most things I enjoy.

As for judgement this week, I’ve disqualified a few of our many time champions (as a judge completely in my right), as I want some new blood to drink in the glory, but wanted to give a nod to a few: Katie the fact that I have to race you to get up first every week keeps me motivated, mr Itnet1, your effort, time and originality are always appreciated, Jes, it’s a little bit possible we’re going to have to make you draw with your non dominant hand, Mr Shirilla possibly my favorite of yours in a few weeks, Sneurat, I’m not sure how the Sean portraits keep getting better, but the last few weeks have been incredible, and Smith, god damn do i want to visit your brain on a Friday night and same goes for you Colette though I worry your’s may be that twisted everyday ; ). Now for the winners!

The Werebear Entry # 13

The First Place Were Bear Entry

It’s funny how thin the line is between old timey and hitler, like two fewer mustache hairs and you may have been in trouble. I love the thug hair lines on his arms, and his drunken disinterest and slight annoyance makes me very happy.

Judge’s Commentary

So first of you can almost never go wrong with old timey in my book, I’m totally stealing the popeye style arm hair, but it’s the stripes that got me, both on the pants and the faint ones on the wife beater, plus it’s funny and submittor Sean has placed 2nd more than anyone I know, and I figured he deserves a win.

the Werebear Entry # 7

The Second Place Were Bear Entry

Ordinary man/bear, the were bear. You can’t trick me, there’s a little weasel thrown in here for added adorability. Now I wanna know more about the book, too thick to be a menu, wrong tie to be a bible… I like to think it could be “Into the Wild”

Judge’s Commentary

In my opinion this is by far the cutest of the week, huge fan of the timid lines and there is an aire of mystery about this one that I freaking love!

The Werebear Entry # 8

The Third Place Were Bear Entry

Yes so purple or as the artist coined it Mauve and magnificent! I’m a sucker (boooo) for these leech/hell mouths and those nails are fantastic… but it’s those eyes and their innocence and sweetness that really won me over!

Judge’s Commentary

New blood always makes me happy! this one’s unique enough to get a nod and while i will always argue the site looks better with just B & W pics to purple really helps the yellow on the nails to pop, and the length of the arms seals it

The Werebear Entry # 1

the Were-Bear Entry # 1

I’m not even sure what happened here, started as a war ready bear with a giant battle axe and ended up as a man-bearllerina? Somewhere, I’m sure there was a thought process, but hell judges can’t win on their week anyways so Phhhbt!

the Werebear Entry # 2

the Were-Bear Entry # 2

It’s like Wild Things Max got old, but still liked to dress up for furry parties. Good enormously wide head on this guy and the dead gorilla arms are pretty nice too.

the Werebear Entry # 3

The Were Bear Entry # 3

A nice lil Were-Bear photo montage… I’ll always be a sucker for a silhouette in front of dark and stormy skies. Throw in the word were-bear with a few thorns added for good measure and this could easily have been an early 90s record cover!

the Werebear Entry # 4

the Were-Bear Entry # 4

This is another animated one, if it’s not playing on page click the image to see it in its full glory. My favorite parts are how much he looks like Fozzy before he changes and that cool ass shake that makes you know he’s ferocious as hell!

the Werebear Entry # 5

the Were-Bear Entry # 5

This one’s in honor of our one year anniversary, let’s see…humorously drawn were-beast, check, weed and weed references, check, my only complaint is i probably would’ve gone with the phallic “Red Rocket” vs the classic red rocker.

the Werebear Entry # 6

the Were-Bear Entry # 6

So you knew there was a Carebear reference coming but this one’s good cause it reminds me of Radu from the Subspecies series, where his claws and make up literally made it impossible for him to look tough… if only he had a “bloodstone”!

The Werebear Entry # 9

The Were-Bear Entry # 9

I want to see a Care Bear Were Bear vs. Beanie Baby Were Bear smack down! So other than the giant bag of counterfeits my friend got in a get rich quick scheme, I have to admit to beany ignorance, did they all have such

the Werebear Entry # 10

The Were Bear Entry # 10

Beyond the fact that I’m relatively sure I’ve seen something very similar from this artist previously (“sometimes you gotta fake it to make it” – Douche of the year 2011). There is no denying this dog looks like a bear and swear words are funny.

The Werebear Entry # 11

The Were Bear Entry # 11

How can something so very hairy come off so very Creature from the Black Lagoony? And I love that the ears can double as goggles, cause I’ve always thought full fur suits are underutilized in the post apocalyptic era movies of our time.

The Werebear Entry # 12

The Were Bear Entry # 12

So i swear upon first glance i instantly thought, why is George Bush dressed up in a giant cougar costume, it’s gotta be the unfeeling rodent eyes right? and look how thick his neck is in there, that’s years of carrying a huge costume head i bet!

The Werebear Entry # 14

The Were Bear Entry # 14

Oh man! Pigeon toed, tiny little armed AND a short sleeve bow collared sweater! Points for being the only Were-Panda in the bunch, and that is by far the best skirt pleating I’ve ever seen on this site and nice touch with the smiley shroom.

the Werebear Entry # 15

The Were Bear Entry # 15

So I’m saying it’s possible this artist has watched one too many Croneburg movies, but beyond that… Holy hell! From the jingle bell collar, to the insane Mos Isley double eyes to that tiny F’er thinking spiraling squares, and the bees!

the Werebear Entry # 16

The Were Bear Entry # 16

You know for as much energy there is in the lines, there’s something remarkably laid back about this one, and the captioning is in my opinion top notch. Love the ice cream bar inclusion and not a bad penguin either!

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