What you need to know to draw a whale vs a mythical beast!

the Whale Vs Anybody!

the Whale Vs Anybody!

We’re sorta just throwing one at the wall here

We’re hurting for drawings as of late, so mixing things up a bit and doing us a very open ended VS battle to see if we can shake a few more of you out of the rafters.

So you know those drawings of a Giant Squids locked in combat with a whale? Well that’s what your doing… only the competition doesn’t have to be deadly, and instead of a squid, pick whatever previously drawn beast you’d like… we’ve done like 250 of em… if you are entirely unfamiliar, there should be a menu of all of em down the side or below this post. or if you just need some inspiration here’s a few ideas.

  • Sphinx Vs Whale on Jeopardy
  • Narwhal Vs Unicorn Fencing
  • Sewer Alligator Vs Whale Sled Race
  • El Pollo Malingo Vs Whale Leg Wrestling
  • Pig Man Vs Whale Pie Eating
  • Or the simple Paul B’s Fish Fry

Well those all sort of suck, but you get the idea… Know one of my favorite gimmicks is a comically lopsided contest. That whale’s really are like Winnebago huge. And that mostly all we’re looking for here is fun! So get out those scribblers, dont spend too much time shading and make with the beast drawings! You’ve got two weeks (by 11:59pm of the 29th)… Go!

Judgement Is Complete

Whale Wars WinnerCause tiny top hats are the best and folks who never draw should be rewarded when they do! I’ll be in touch about your shirt soon and thanks to (the other two of you hahaha) all who drew!

Know that judgement is now law and to the victor go the spoils! And don’t forget, you can always send your drawings of Whales fighting beasts in later, you won’t win a shirt but I’ll gladly post ’em for everyone’s enjoyment!


A Whale vs A Yara-Ma-Yha-Who!

The Whale Vs Entry4_Yara-Ma-Yha-Who

I get it! It’s like nature’s version of one of those unpredictable randomly spurting fountains that lil kids love to stand over so very much! that or we’re watching the blissfull sun drenched moment before a horribly violent battle of giants!!!

A Whale Saves A Worm!

The Whale Vs Entry 3 - A Worm

Life lesson alerts! Not all confrontations need to end in violence… and Sometimes you just gotta look out for the lil guy! All that it’s even got kinda a nice tattoo-y flow… though you did fail to specify which mythical worm we’re dealing with here… so with that hat, I’m just assuming Hobo…

A Whale vs A Sasquatch!

A Whale vs A Sasquatch!

You know, I drew it and I cant even tell you if that’s competitive hugging or a straight up forehead humping… but I suppose the important thing is they both seem happy! Also are sasquatches waterproof?

A Whale vs The Sea Hog!

A Whale Vs A Sea Hog

God dammit I still love this lil sea hog! It’s original appearance was here if you need a closer look, and mind you he ain’t looking any worse! Mstly I’m glad he seems to have found a sea bud… who, most obviously… enjoys the sea weed… I mean those eyes look 1000lbs each!