the Destructor

If Gozer Can Ask, So Can I!

So the world’s been gabbing about December 21st 2012 for, well technically for 1000s of years if you watch enough history channel, but so anyway rumor has it the world as we know it might go poof! Odds are if that’s going to happen, we probably won’t get a whole lot of choice in the matter, so I figured what better time to use my favorite line from Ghostbusters as reference and give us all a shot at showing the way, if given the option, we’d like the world to go out.

Will they all be Mythical Beasts? Probably not. But if they end the world you can be damn well sure they’ll be told as myth down the road, probably by some new evolved species of ratmen…To time it all properly and since this is a busy ass time of year for lots of us, I’m giving this one two weeks. So give it some thought, do you want it fast? soft? frightening? Myself I’m pretty sure I’d like to go out laughing with disbelief. So do your worst, cause you never know this might be the last beast you ever draw…

our judge Our Judge this week is Veteran Mythical Beast Warrior, and owner of many mugs ITNet1, Known in the real world as R Scott Morrison. He popped in maybe the second or third week online and has never let me down. I’ve always known him as the guy who invented Simon but as I just recently learned that’s only fractionally correct. But I’ll let him tell you in his own words


  • I’m a maker of old-timey arcade games who totally peaked in the 80s.
  • I enjoy drawing but mostly just doodle while not paying attention.
  • I love social media but hate being social. I totes never use memes because reasons.
  • I am an incredibly fun happy drunk but can no longer drink so your loss, World.
  • I did not invent Simon (my Dad did) but I did design the Pac-Man telephone.
  • I am really old and have been married forever so get off my lawn you whippersnappers.
  • I am a geeky nerd and have over 15,000 individually bagged and catalogued Marvel comics in my house.
  • I was a hipster before hipsters were popular. I’m a geeky nerdy old-timey hipster.
  • You should follow me on Twitter. I like Twitter.
  • You can also follow me on Tumblr Facebook and/or Google+ but one is probably plenty because I’m not that interesting.

and if you notice in the comments, his birthday is the day we’re all slated to… well whatever we’re gonna do… So happy birthday now just in case!

judgement Is Complete

Your Destructor Entry # 16

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 16

Awww well that’s kinda adorable and painfully poignant. I still like to think there could always be a bright side, an ocean full of hairless sea bears!… though i suppose thats what a seal is… regardless I love the angry sun!

Judge’s Commentary

This one is probably the most accurate depiction of our destroyer from without and scares me the most. The cutout effect really enhances the lonely desperation.

Your Destructor Entry # 10

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 10

Yes total destruction at the wee level! Every long once in a while i find myself jealous of simple organisms and their cool ass tendrils they use for locomotion and well technically everything as they ain’t got much else. I kinda love him.

Judge’s Commentary

This one is probably the most accurate depiction of our destroyer from within. The little eyes on the platelets nailed it.

Your Destructor Entry # 14

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 14

Wow! A lightning tongued Mayan god licking a pyramid (if you know what I’m saying) a jaguar and what seems to be a plummeting planet of doom! I’d be down with this one just to see all that stuff framed in the real world in a single scene!

Judge’s Commentary

This one wins because it makes about as much sense as the actual Mayan apocalypse. Bonus points for the surreal perspective and scale too.

Your Destructor Entry # 1

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 1

Everyone knows the Mayans are going to kill us all. There’s something about the woe is me, nothing we can do to stop it in this one that I love, plus that Mayan calendar is pretty sweet, and at least our arms survive!

Your Destructor Entry # 2

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 2

I’m not even one of those “I hate clowns” types but its hard for me to imagine someone choosing giant clown with one hand mysteriously tucked under his clown smock as a world ender…wait… JWG… awww… man that’s twisted!!!

Your Destructor Entry # 3

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 3

So I’ve got a much more complicated idea, we’ll see what time allows but in the meantime I wanted to make sure that the long dreaded Space Whale gets some recognition!

Your Destructor Entry # 4

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 4

I get that Cap’n is prolly a judge pander, but is santa sending coal missles? and does that mean that we have to watch a giant protective Captain America die before we go? like santa killing us all wasn’t sad enough? If so nicely played!

Your Destructor Entry # 5

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 5

Oh Well, wherever, wherever you are. Iron Maiden’s gonna get you, no matter how far. See the blood flow. Watching it shed. Up above my head. Iron Maiden wants you for dead. All I’ll add is yeeessss!

Your Destructor Entry # 6

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 6

I think if you could stay low and avoid getting trampled, you could actually survive this one for a while… And when they do get you, if you’re going to get smashed wouldn’t you almost prefer it be by something translucent and delicious?

Your Destructor Entry # 7

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 7

This would be a good way to go out. MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE! Yesss! a motivational piece! And it’s funny cause its so painfully unrealistic! Doesn’t stop me from loving you for trying! Now prove me wrong kids 93 to go!

Your Destructor Entry # 8

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 8

So this is officially a record for me for most sasquatches drawn in a single drawing… I’m torn between calling it sasquatchapolypse or Sasquageddon… Can you imagine the muffled thunder from all those plumply padded feet!

Your Destructor Entry # 9

the Form of Your Destructor Entry # 9

Ha! So at this point in the game i think it’s fair to say that this artist has a thing for drawing a guy named Sean, and while everyone has a mean streak.. I’m convinced if Sean is gonna pull that trigger it’s for the good of the world!

Your Destructor Entry # 11

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 11

You know I’m pretty sure Godzilla would be pretty high on my list of preferred destructors as well. Though I’m a wee bit puzzled by the zig zag path of destruction he’s taking… but i suppose if you’re that big you’re not really in a hurry!

Your Destructor Entry # 12

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 12

Two ways of looking at this one… well technically three, first the hitchhikers guide style dolphins leaving pre exploding doom, second the dolphins are ripping holes in the earth’s crust or third, the earth dies of a brutal sex, corona and weed fest!

Your Destructor Entry # 13

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 13

Ha! I’m relatively sure that very substance has come close to crushing my world on at least several occasions! Anyone else notice the contrast in the brutish barrels lines and the eloquently swooping lettering?

Your Destructor Entry # 15

the Form Of Your Destructor Entry # 15

Spinj-A-pocalypse Pretty sure this is a direct reference to our judges day job…It’s freaking beautiful but for some reason leaves me craving a hot dog! And I btw would be pissed as hell if i got killed by golf.

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