Mythical Beast Wars T Shirts!

Chip In Mythical Beast Wars ShirtV1

It’s official! we’ve got shirts! They look like this! Now do they make your eyes look less sleepy and or hamstery, well in my case obviously not, but they do seem to at least moderately cover the upper torso.

They have our Mythical Beast Wars logo badge on front, nothing on back, all sizes printed on tultex unisex shirts which are roughly equivalent to American Apparel sizing but in my opinion a lil more forgiving. As an added bonus, they wash to that good rock shirt consistency pretty quickly.

You get the point! It ain’t rocket science, its a shirt and beyond drawing a beast each week it’s the best way you can show your support for mythical beast draw-ers worldwide. If we sell through this batch we’ll add a new design for the next run, and so on and so on. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We gots a couple dozen of these to get through first. So you know… get to the buying!

Mythical Beast Wars Logo Shirt $15 Shipped

(anywhere in the continental US) Sorry, currently out of stock in XL.

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