The Flitterbick Entry # 1

The Flitterbick Entry # 1

Yessss! Dear squirrel that will haunt my dreams for years…. who’d of thunk combining bug and flying squirrel would be so freaking terrifying? I mean with that boring front end, can you imagine how quickly this guy would decimate my flower bulbs? Nicely played sir! and nice to see you back!

The Sandman Entry # 5

The Sandman Entry # 5

You know I’m not even sure those adorably undersized cthulhu wings can make this guy any less horrifying! Though if i imagine him doing the doped up Mr Burns “I bring you love” that helps a lil! And not sure why I even want it to be less horrifying, sometimes we all need some good ol’ fashioned, eyeball rending, scary claws!

Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry # 5

the First Place Merman Vs Sea Hog Entry

Oh hell boys n girls someone’s playing for keeps! Such a great assortment of adorability and finishing details (like the captive mermaid n actual game play representation)… and the there’s that dude… helpful arcade employee? what a game rep looked like in 1982? a divorced dad who only sorta wants to parent? or just an all around creeper? whatever he is, it’s a good solid balancing of wrong!

Judge’s Commentary – So I love it when a stranger comes in and just sorta magically gets it, can you win with a great drawing, sure, to say otherwise would contradict the concept of a drawing challenge. Can you win with a horrible drawing and a fun concept, hell yes, that’s our great equalizer. But pull off well rendered, fun, and just creepy enough to leave me smiling and it’s hard for me to not give you the win. Here’s hoping you stick around for a few and enjoy the shirt!

The World Turtle Entry # 6

The First Place World Turtle Entry

One of my favorite things about clockwork stuff is no matter how big, simplistic or intricate, you know it smells faintly of model trains and bike chains. Great worldy turtle eye and stiff legged bulldog lumberings!

Judge’s Commentary – At #1 and the WINNER, it is turtle #6. The turtle represents an interesting cross between strength, military prowess and planetary/universal dominance. I tried not to love it, but found myself returning to look at it over and over to extract its wisdom, guidance and power – truly the GREAT WORLD TURTLE!