The Kraken Entry # 4

The Third Place Kraken Entry

Oh man good party captain’s cap! Such a pointedly fanged maw and love the patchwork crosshatch… In an attempt to stay fully transparent, if judgement comes down to there being one too few silhouetted victims getting perished, add one more to your totals, cause I cropped a pretty great one off over there on the right cause i wanted the guy hanging from the boat to make the frame

The World Turtle Entry # 4

The World Turtle Entry # 4

Man that is some serious “atomic flatulence!” Points for good space captions adorable turtle-age and reminding me how much i liked the original Jeff Kendall deck art!

Jackalope VS Leprechaun Entry # 7

The Second Place Jackalope Vs Leprechaun Entry

Ha that hand towards the belly knife has a very Paul Reubens death scene in the buffy movie to it! (best death scene ever btw) And bringing a gun to a knife fight huh Mr Jackalope? How very “once shot a man for snoring of you”… thank goodness for the magical healing properties of liquor!

Judge’s Commentary – So first off we gots some new blood here so officially welcome! And while 1000 times over I’d rather see bats, knives and chains than a gun, it helps plop this guy at second most violent and this reminds us of a very important aspect about fighting… it shouldn’t end in death. And sometimes with those blinders of negative energy spent, one can see past conflict to resolution… how’s that for someone reading too much of an unintended moral in your first beast drawing?!