The Turkey 2015 Entry # 4

The Turkey 2015 Entry # 4

Yes! Pirate turkey’s asking you a question! Maybe you should answer! Also I like that this works cause pirates were famed for smelling “Fowl” get it? get it?

The Mummy Entry # 15

The Mummy Entry # 15

Such a great week for mummy butts! I’m a huge fan of your tattered wind swept bandages, good mummy androgyny and while I know it’s a snake on there, I love that the impossibly rotated headdress reminds me of our upcoming annual turkey draw!

The Jersey Devil Entry # 1

The Second Place Jersey Devil Entry

You know I’m not one of those folks who knows much about state flags from different regions… So I’m just going to assume that this is the New Jersey state flag… or if it isn’t it should be! Great sweater-y covered tongue btw!

Judge’s Commentary – Man the marsupial pouch and the sad cow eyes almost got you damn close to another win here, and while I’m not giving it first, I do still think it should be the state flag or at least an optional license plate upgrade!

The Mokele-Mbembe Entry # 1

The Mokele-Mbembe Entry # 1

Hey I’m pretty sure that adorable lil dino has war boy lips! Stay shiny lil Mokele-Mbembe! Having never actually been to the congo, I’m going to say looks like you captured the terrain perfectly… and does it look vaguely like our lil masked tribesman is about to get the headbutt of a lifetime or is that just friendship I’m reading as mischief in the monsters eyes?

The Ogre Vs the Pukwudgie Entry # 2

The Ogre Vs Pukwudgie Entry # 2

The littlest ones are always such bullies! God that ogre is adorable… though am I the only one seeing Bob Belcher in his torso?

The Sandman Entry # 13

The Third Place Sandman Entry

Ooooh so swooshy and moody! I kinda love the lil shop of horrors style duck mouths! And really what picture doesnt benefit from an eyeless youth in a fancy lad night shirt, staring… well not staring so much as frowning out he window!

Judge’s Commentary – Mostly cause it reminds me of Stary Night smashed together with a man eating plant, which so long as you arent the one getting eaten seems cool as hell!

The Kappa Entry # 14

The Kappa Entry # 13

This guy would sorta make a great tiki mug! Nice use of the cherry blossoms for setting and dammit I love when things play invisible bongos!

The Onocentaur Entry # 2

The Onocentaur Entry # 2

Haha you know I just can’t not see those burro buttocks as testicles! Great mule-y leg hair though and I kinda love that she looks a lil like a scarran (long live farscape!)

The Far Gorta Entry #1

The First Place Far Gorta Entry

As my first go at running the show here at Mythical Beast wars, I’ve decided to write a haiku for descriptions… we’ll see how this goes! -Sneurat

Green eyes stare coldly.
Celtic knots recall the theme.
Knobby bones marked red.

Judge’s Comments – So mostly new artist points! Unnecessarily nude points! Mysterious bruising (scurvy perhaps?) and dammit the finger to eye contact will always make me cringe and that gut response brought this one home! Plus this artist is already dragging in some friends (see entry numero 2) and I’m all for rewarding that!

The Beast of Bray Road Entry # 4

The Second Place Beast Of Bray Road Entry

I don’t know… this one’s kinda cheesey! yessss! Owwwww Owwwww ArrroooooOOOOOOO! Seriously though I want someone to launch the Beast of Bray road frozen pizza line with this art… You know the one that’s howlingly good!

Judge’s Comments – So I was absolutely sure this one was getting the win for like a week and a half now… and here’s the problem with me judging, I’m a big last minute decision swapper for lil to no valid reason … I love every last part of its cheesey goodness but in the end I think i felt it hit the mark too perfectly (aka its not you its me) but also welcome and congrats to you… I’m betting you’ll have a shirt coming soon if you play again!