The Thunderbird Entry # 7

The First Place Thunderbird Entry

So I’m not sure if any of you have watched the “lost skeleton of cadavra” but main dude in the movie talks a hell of a lot about “doing science” and that’s always entertained me to no end, so it makes me pretty damn happy that we officially have some artists who I can say “do science”. How do i know you ask?… cause it came with this note “It is a very sophisticated ethanol-resistant marker on photographic film that needed to be aesthetically improved after a failed Western Blot…” and to that I say “yaaaay science!” also “yaay electric snakes”!

Judge’s Comments – This one’s easy, for three reasons, actually four… you don’t yet have a shirt, the proper spelling of “halp”, sweet ass electric snakes and as the internet says… Americah!

The Subterranean Reptoid Entry # 2

The Subterranean Reptoid Entry # 2

“I’m envisioning a more post-apocalyptic California where subterranean reptoids have reclaimed their Hopi heritage and taken over the city”- Yesss! First off you get extra points cause its been a long while since anyone dropped a pueblo on us! And secondly, I’m torn… part of me wants him to be giving a William Wallace style “we will be subterranean no more!” speech but I almost like it better doing the old “someday Alice… to the mooooon”!

The Pukis Entry # 7

The Second Place Pukis Entry

“I’d be lying if I said the first thing I thought of when I read “neighbor’s riches” wasn’t undergarments.” – Hahaha! Man those eyes tell a very similar story! I sorta love his blue to red gradient dragon coloring and while we are dispensing compliments, that’s a damn fine dresser!

Judge’s Commentary – I mean do i really need to say more than “purple pukis panty party”? (yeah, yeah… i know, but if you combine his two colors it works dammit!)… But i will go on record as saying the whacked out dream perspective of the furnishings helped bump this up one in the rankings too!

The Feral Children Entry # 10

The Third Place Feral Children Entry

“These dear children can’t help but ruminate on what it means to be raised by ungulates. They can rein in their manners when it behooves them, but don’t expect them to fawn over strangers. Or wolves…” – Haha! dammit are they even considered puns when they are that tightly packed? well played! Plus I’m always a fan of blackened soulless eyes on kids!

Judge’s Commentary! – So while my personal tastes tend to run a bit more frightening, i tend to judge with a heavy lean towards jolly… but there’s something so quietly weird about this one and the understatedly dramatic hoof grafts on the limbs of these ghoul eyed kids that I can’t let it go unrecognized! Plus it’s from new blood, and whats a better welcome than a taste of the realm of victory!