The Far Gorta Entry #10

The Second Place Far Gorta Entry

An ill-fated line.
Stick-men so willing to die.
All for a starving fairy.

Judge’s Comments – Alms, arms? what’s the difference right? well other than one obviously fills up a box a lot faster! I always tell you kids, you dont have to spend your life perfecting your drawing to win, you just need to be clever with what ya got, and this one did just that and I’m still chuckling… stupid funny captions!

The Gumberoo Entry # 10

The First Place Gumberoo Entry

Haha! Dammit I know this one is good because there’s a part of me that just wants to punch it! I’m not sure maybe its the saddle bags, maybe it’s the armbanded nano, or maybe it’s that he enjoys riding his bike up hills so much? Actually I never thought of this… is he so happy cause he has explosive ass jets? If so, that’s pretty great!

Judge’s Commentary – This one I felt encompassed the PNW the most out of all of the entries (it had the most trees). The icing on the cake for me was the power line across the sky. Nice touch, definitely playing up to the judge on this one.

The Questing Beast Entry # 11

The Questing Beast Entry # 11

A reindeer inspired questing beast! How much more festive the holidays could be if everyone decorated their front lawns with beasts! I’m especially fond of this one’s froggy throat bubble!

the KinderFresser Entry # 15

the Kinder Fresser Entry # 15

Yesss! You don’t need all that many lines to be funny! And I’m incredibly entertained with the concept that some jerk kid is still trying to score even though a giant Kinderfresser just walked off with half the sidelines!