The Pope’s Donkey Entry # 8

The Popes Donkey Entry # 8

It’s so much better if you imagine he/she is right at the high point of a straight up vertical hop! I’m not sure he even meets half the descriptors but hell he looks like a good time while staying ever so slightly untrustworthy… and that’s all that really matters!

The Pope’s Donkey Entry # 7

The First Place Popes Donkey Entry

donkeeeey? Yes man waffles do sound delicious.. and I sure hope she goes to have someone set those fingers on that human hand… meh you know scratch that, who needs a community minded hand when you got cloven gams like that!

Judge’s Commentary – It was actually a tight call between first and second this week, as both featured bright colors (it would seem we’re easily distracted) but since i got a voice in this one I will always vote silly over pretty… plus its a first time win for an almost newbie!

The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 16

The Loveland Frogmen Entry # 16

Not often that poor photo quality adds to the realistic perspective in these, but how cool is it that the distant bar is falling out of focus? and I’m entertained that his outfit feels less riverbank and more Will Smith circa 1990.