The Hombre Gato Entry # 2

The Hombre Gato Entry # 2

“i wanted to do the whole juxtapositioning of cute-somewhat-banal-abstract-stylized-kitty against feral-wild-feline-beast-what-walks-like-a-man. but how did this hombre gato get this way? did someone drop a maneki neko on our feral catman? did he emerge from within one? is he wearing it as a hat to fool those pesky humans? hmmm..” – And my thought is this, if someone’s not already making those hats on etsy, they should!

The Flying Reindeer Entry # 7

The Second Place Flying Reindeer Entry

“Merry whatever, all” – I love that he’s looking at me like he expects me to make fun of that cape… I mean it might make him look a lil n-eady, but I’ve certainly worn worse in my days and if you’re gonna wear a cape, I’m gonna suggest you just wear it for yourself anyways!

Judge’s Commentary – Cause seriously this guy is a dead ringer for Animal Chin era Steve Caballero, I mean down to the t shirt cape and everything! (for those who don’t know, he was a skateboarder, look it up!)