The Dark Lord Entry # 6

The Dark Lord Entry # 6

Man there are enough penis and vagina references in here to make me question whether or not I’m just imagining penis and vagina references… I mean is that peen wearing a devil mask? All that and a stole too! Bravo!

The Centaur Entry # 4

The Third Place Centaur Entry

“Hot Doggin!” – Man this dude really doesn’t even need the pizza to show that he’s ready to party! But it aint hurting his cause either ;)…. And how cool is it that he needs a belt! My only complaint is that its possible he needs a “Single Horse Power” tat too!

Judge’s Commentary – Third place was a suuuuuper tough call, but I have to go with #4. The belly squeezing out over the belt, the beer, the pizza…the thing that got me was that pucker, though. He’s blowing me a stinky beer/pizza breath kiss?!?! I can’t stand it. Applause.