The Flying Heads Entry # 7

The Flying Heads Entry # 7

Man that bottom expression is good, simultaneously drenched with horror, regret and if he wore pants I’d think he’d have pooped them… but you know he’s really just thinking about his last lil bit of hunger for peoples never getting quelled!

The Pig-Faced Women Entry # 11

The Third Place PIg Faced Women Entry

Such a good wandering squid eye! Kinda great that while none of the shapes or parts are in the right arrangements, this still screams bleach bottle pig to me. And the way that collar sits I’m relatively sure that’s a robe… so now I’m curious if it hides a much more ornate tiara matching and bedazzled ensemble!

Judge’s Commentary
E: Pretty sure this is a character from one of those Leisure Suit Larry games.
J: I’ve heard much about Leisure Suit Larry over the years, but i’ve never seen one of the games so I can’t vouch for Eric’s comment. But I like the big red lips.

The Sea Goat Entry # 14

The Third Place Sea Goat Entry

Yes! I can think of at least three symmetry nazis who will be driven absolutely nutty by this! I love it, it gives that glimpse from a moving car window/segment from a fleeting dream aspect that’s hard as hell to create purposefully! Plus clam shelled boobs and flowing ocean/Moses beards are almost always a good combo!

Judge’s Commentary – How did the artist know that a previous Playboy exec would be the guest judge. Sexy but tough. Simply awesome! So creative.

The Turkey Entry # 27

The Turkey 2014 Entry # 27

I like to think that no matter how improbable, and how unrelated to seeds it is, deep down inside, this is exactly why everyone is so afraid of Monsanto!

The Hidebehind Entry # 8

The Hidebehind Entry # 8

Dammit where’s Jesse Ventura when you need him? Always a fan of the forest claoking! And I gotta tell you that hatchet is angled in a way so aggressively head plunking that it’s even making me a lil squidgy thinking about it!

The Mantygre Entry # 15

The Second Place Mantygre Entry

Action Pose and tiny genitals?!! Man you’re spoiling me! Somewhere on earth, someones softball team’s t shirts just got a hell of a lot better! And the lil claws on the back feet make me chuckle every freaking time!

Judge’s Commentary – What can I say here? Drawn, tiny genitals are really freakin funny, EVERYTIME. As are the withered, slightly flailing, tiny tiger legs. Combine those two elements, and toss in the strong jawline that reminds me of the cartoons era my parents enjoyed, AND make it an action shot…and you’ve got the makings for a submission that came very close to being my #1 choice. Nice work here.

The Fur-Bearing Trout Entry # 9

The Fur-Bearing Trout Entry # 9

It’s funny how fish-belly white appears even more vibrantly pale than even pure page white! I love the zero-focus, all seeing, fish eye and I’m entertainingly impressed with the detailed accuracy in your medalion!