The Giant Squid Entry # 13

The Third Place Giant Squid Entry

IMHO that turtle looks determined as hell to eat that squid

The Woodbooger Entry # 19

The Woodbooger Entry # 19

fur pants or mud pants? honestly both sets of words make me happy.

The Woodbooger Entry # 4

The Second Place Woodbooger Entry

Man do i love hillbilly spelling!

The Buggane Entry # 13

The Buggane Entry # 13

Everyone has their own cross to bear but if i were that guy I might worry less about the Buggane dead in the street, and more about the fact that my lady companion is obviously batsh#t insane!

The Hobgoblin Entry # 19

The Hobgoblin Entry # 19

Ha! Excellent Body texture on this one! Just looking at it you know he feels like a sh#tty beard! And man it seems I love crazy eyes in the morning, like getting woken up by a pug!

The Oni Entry # 9

The Third Place Oni Entry

Nice! Plus it’s the second My Little P*ny reference in as many weeks! Now I sort of want to know what Ms Rin did. And oddly I’m a fan of the pastels, it makes the “Oni” pop ; )

Dragon Vs Dwarf Entry # 12

Dwarf vs Dragon Entry # 12

I love when the drawings play off one another! One burp most definitely deserves another. Though, where the hell did that delicious looking dwarf ale come from?