Beasts In Costumes Entry # 12

Third Place Beasts In Costumes Entry

Yeti as Rapunzel! – God its the fit of said dress making me so happy, well that and the fact that everyone knows a lady yeti shouldn’t show that much leg… Though I suppose if you’re locked in a tower normal yeti rules may not apply and technically you don’t even need pants?

Judge’s Commentary – Yeti as Rapunzel: Because he thinks he can actually pull it off. Other than bursting at the seams of the dress and being in desperate need of an eyebrow wax, I can’t tell the difference!

The Baba Yaga Entry #18


Haha… so I know its a mortar and pestle, but dammit if this doesn’t feel dirty… and if you don’t wanna see it that way, maybe you can tell me why that witch is obviously about to dose a chicken legged hut with gasoline?

the KinderFresser Entry # 18

the Kinder Fresser Entry # 18

I don’t know what it means but I’m guessing there’s some serious Krampus style action coming down that chimney! And he kinda reminds me of the taller dude from Home Alone so you know hilarity ensued!

The Pigsie Entry # 17

The Pigsie Entry # 17

I think it just wants you to ride it mr man, no need to act so startled… something about that dixie cup looking nose and smile that’s just making me happy. Plus the saddle in front of the wings is giving away that the artist digs fantasy!

the Succubus Entry # 11

the Succubus Entry # 11

Oh man, first you hit my sweetspot for squidy tentacles then you pull out the flat stick figure sleeping on a completely flat bed plus there’s a set of teeny almost useless arms! I’m calling hardly fair on this one!