The Adaro

 The  Adaro

The Shark Finned Malevolent Merman Famed for Flinging Poisonous Flying Fish!

So I like to pride myself on turning these beast descriptions into something at least entertaining, but sometimes I come across one I know I’m not going to improve on so I’m just going to quote this baby directly from my “Mythical Creatures Bible” so here we go:

The Adaro are malevolent Mermen-like sea spirits in the mythology of the Solomon Islands. Believed to embody the wicked part of a dead man’s spirit, the creatures are human in shape, with gills behind the ears, fins instead of feet, a shark-like dorsal fin and a sword fish like spear growing out of it’s head.

Adaros are said to live in the sun and travel back and forth to Earth by sliding along rainbows. They also travel via sun showers and waterspouts. Adaros are dangerous to humans and kill by shooting people in the neck with poisonous flying fish… However Adaros also visit men in their sleep and teach them new song and dances.

Haha so there you go! here’s you official list of descriptors

  • Human shaped merman like creature with gills and fins for feet
  • Sports a shark-like dorsal fin on it’s back and swordfish like spear on its head
  • Travels to and from sun via rainbows
  • Kills humans by means of airborne poisonous fish
  • I’m just guessing here but seemingly privy to all the new dance/music trends

I mean travel via rainbow? it’s like they made this beast for us! Remember we’ve got two weeks so submissions for the Adaro will be due by midnight on the 26th! Have fun with it!

Judgement Is Complete

But Wyy

First place? I mean you can almost taste that brine coming of him no? Plus shogun warrior style rocket fish hands are always a huge plus in my book! Second place, I mean, it’s always been the dilemma, reward dick drawings for being funny or ignore them… guess we know which way i went this week! And third place you guys may not have noticed but he has by far the loosest fitting fish skin I’ve seen in a while and we cant pretend thats not great! That’s it! Another beast done and don’t forget you can always add to the pile of Adaros post contest now!

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Our Most Recent Submissions

  • The Adaro Entry # 1 The Adaro Entry # 1Hey you know I never even thought about this but I suppose we are describing something very goblin sharky! The lesson about murdering aside, if they looked like that I sorta feel like everyone should have a toss-able poison fish plush!
  • The Adaro Entry # 2 The Adaro Entry # 2Oh man look at that tiny lil fish butt and scrunched up lil shark nose and maybe it’s that aforementioned nose but I keep seeing the horn as the skinniest xmas elf hat ever! “Bye Buddy! Hope you find your dad!”
  • The Adaro Entry # 3 The Adaro Entry # 3Long long ago, I had an idea of doing all my beasts on bikes of some sort(Cryptids on Cycles technically), I’ve done a few, loch ness monster, giant squid etc… biggest problem I see is that I cant freehand a wheel to save my life!
  • The Adaro Entry # 4 The Adaro Entry # 4Finally an f’ing rainbow!!! I mean this feels like the cover for Surf Nazis Must Die and a collectible street sharks action figure card… how can one consider this anything but amazing?
  • The Adaro Entry # 5 The Adaro Entry # 5Hey I know this game! the ol’ start with a D ‘n’ B put a head with your friends face on it and just let the rest come together! though i gotta note you’ve got a kinda un/fortunate flash shadow there!
  • The Adaro Entry # 6 The Adaro Entry # 6I’m going with a really crop of the first ever rocket powered merman to clear our atmosphere and enter space! Once you believe that, you can really see that sense of determination mingled with terror and wonder in that stare!
  • The Adaro Entry # 7 The Adaro Entry # 7Haha? So is that the same mustached character who made a cameo in entry 5? And this one proves that no matter how wonderful your mode of travel seems at first, eventually, even the excitement of surfing rainbows from the sun gets lost in the tedium of a work day…
  • The Adaro Drawing # 8 The Adaro Drawing # 8Hahaha… I’m not sure I’m high enough for this one yet! I mean the reins and the smile on that rainbow are genius… and of course he rides side saddle (like he has an option)! Extra points for the seaweed joke and actually having him traveling to the sun!

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