The Hombre Gato

the Hombre Gato

Here we go! Our first beast of 2016

We’re trying a couple new things this round, a slightly different display that will ideally give everyone a single comments section to discuss the arrivals as they come.

We’re officially going two week challenges.

And so as not to handicap your creativity and dreams I’m going to write a lil less at the start. With that being said and since I bet almost all of you have at least seen a photo of the production of “Cats”, here’s your description of El Hombre Gato:

  • Part man part cat, the percentages of each are debatable
  • Legend has it, he frequents small rural parts of the Americas from Argentina to Mexico
  • Preys on pets, beasts of burden and man opportunistically
  • Mostly nocturnal and relatively safe to assume, a fan of milk

That’s about it! Google is going to give you a zillion hits for some green face body modification extremist who goes by the same name, feel free to ignore or include just remember to have fun with it!

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Judgement Is Complete

But WHy

For judgement this time we’re using the classic criteria of most alluring eyes. So while 1, 2, 3, are unique and amazing in their own way, I think it’s generally safe to say that frightened surprise, slightly beffuddled anger and wide eyed hopelessness qualify. And number 4, while very handsome, has the dead eyes of a man who’s stared far too long into the horizon. So that brings us to our top three! 6 obviously has it, but in that way a cigarette is alluring after you’ve quit… 6 oh it’s there but I’m still afraid the brain behind those eyes doesn’t quite fire on time… which leave us to 7… just late enough to leave us wanting, and confident enough to make us not care and look at the way those bangs teasingly dip threatening to severe the magic connection. Gold I tell ya!

  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 1 The Hombre Gato Entry # 1Hahaha! Swinging for the fences already! … It’s the look of surprise, and the calligraphic line on the shoulder over the leg to show how far back there he really is that sells this one in my opinion!
  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 2 The Hombre Gato Entry # 2“i wanted to do the whole juxtapositioning of cute-somewhat-banal-abstract-stylized-kitty against feral-wild-feline-beast-what-walks-like-a-man. but how did this hombre gato get this way? did someone drop a maneki neko on our feral catman? did he emerge from within one? is he wearing it as a hat to fool those pesky humans? hmmm..” – ...
  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 3 The Hombre Gato Entry # 3I mean american cats have been teaching us to adorably endure just a lil bit more for decades… I think it’s safe to assume a latin american man cat would behave similarly.
  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 4 the Hombre Gato Entry # 4Tu gaucho gato es muy guapo! or something like that (remember i wasn’t especially fond of my spanish teacher!) And seriously who doesn’t chew on a mouse tail when contemplating how best to herd your flock off a dangerous Argentinian hillside? Good call there!
  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 5 the Hombre Gato Entry # 5Technically I think these are more mujers than hombres… but I mean how’s a species gonna go on without both right? and ummm there are a lot of jokes to be told quietly to yourself here so I’m just going to leave it at who said cat ladies don’t know ...
  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 6 The Hombre Gato Entry # 6Man it is such a thin line between come hither and dim witted when it comes to cat person facial expressions…. I think I’m voting a lil of both on this one! And nice to see you show that a lil tease mixed with your sexuality is still popular in ...
  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 7 The Hombre Gato Entry # 7Yesss! How’d you know I dream of a very 1984 James Broliny, man cat? Of course in those dreams he just manages a large, Love Boat like, cat hotel with the help of Cat Connie Selleca… but that’s probably another story for another day!
  • The Hombre Gato Entry # 8 The Hombre Gato Entry # 8I think this asks a valid question of society… If ninja costumes always included batman-esque style cat ears, would young kids still aspire to be them? And with that in the open… Would cats as a whole be more popular?

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