The Tommyknockers

The Tommy Knockers

Miners Tend to Be a Very Superstitious Bunch

Maybe it’s the lack of sunlight or oxygen, maybe it’s the fact that a poorly placed pick axe can occasionally drop the mountain above on your head or maybe it’s that fact that they have to share their domain with diminutive imps who’s general day to day consists of pranks, thievery and mischief.

Sure, you say, “but don’t these “Knockers” get their names from the loud noises heard throughout a mine minutes before a cave in? Aren’t they in fact a blessing to the miners?” In response to that I think I’ll just say that i believe you are undervaluing how important a lunchtime sandwich is to a hardworking miner. And to find that or any of your tools mysteriously missing or similarly tampered with… well I think you could agree it’s at least aggravating!

Where these lil guys come from is the most open ended aspect of this legend. Ghosts of miners past? sure there’s a chance of that… Gnomes or dwarves who’s subterranean lairs are impeded on by the mines… well that’s always a possibility… hell the Cornish miners of old went as far as to say they were those responsible for crucifying christ and serving their penance below ground… Generally I like to think, that much like the obscene variety of english house spirits, there’s room for many varietals and just as many explanations which brings us to you, your ability to doodle funny beasts and our list of descriptors for battle TommyKnocker which are as follows:

  • Generally human in shape, arms, legs, torso etc
  • Small squat and powerful, but not stocky enough to be considered malformed
  • Said to be dressed in standard if not old timey and diminutive miners garb
  • We’ve all seen pictures of miners, safe to assume they are dirty and bearded
  • Obviously fans of lunch foods from the world above and pranks

Judgement Is Complete

But WHy

I mean I wish I could escape the combo of that aggressively presented T square and those sexy sexy shorts… but it’s just not happening… As for number two, I gotta say I feel I can taste a lil more raw artists’ brain when digesting this without the trademark color… Please don’t change for my tastes but I kinda like you in “Stooges” mode! And as for three I cant promise to recognize the biggest sandwich of the bunch and not right? Plus I like that I’m incapable of reading that as “Mine” it’s always Mike, or Mice or something less sensical!


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  • The Tommyknockers Entry # 5 The Tommyknockers Entry # 5“he’s simplifying the process” – That right there is some solid murder scrawl! And the kinda outside the box thinking that people write linked in posts about 😉 I wonder though… does the name “Johnny Knockers” elicit just enough curiosity from a lonely miner that he still has to “come ...
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  • The Tommyknockers Entry # 8 The Tommyknockers Entry # 8Hey I said make some big F’ing sandwiches! And if you’re an undernourished diminutive mine dweller, that right there is one hell of a dagwood… though if I’m being picky… seems like it could use a crustier bread 😉

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