What The Hell Is This


It’s a Bi-Weekly Mythical Beast Drawing Contest open to anyone who’ll submit. The winner gets a shirt and we are now offering prizes for participation!


Cause drawing beasts is fun, and if you don’t like fun, you’re kind of an ass!

Who’s it For?

I already said anyone, but specifically anyone who likes to draw silly things and share.

We’ve got quite the assortment from designers and illustrators to bartenders, wrenchers, tattoo artists, derby girls, yoga and ballet teachers, wrestlers and brewers…

And now, hopefully you…

How’s it Work?

The beast to be drawn get’s announced Saturday with a brief description. You have two weeks (well technically 13.5 days) to submit your drawing if you’d like to be part of the contest.

If you don’t care about winning (and in effort to try and give folks additional options), you can now officially submit any beast previously completed and I’ll gladly post it with the rest.

In both cases, I only ask that you make it square-ish, it be of your own creation and that we can legally show it online.

What’s this about judges and mugs?

Every beast we pick a judge who gets to pick their favorite drawings for whatever criteria they desire (I prefer it not be talent alone). We used to give the winner a Mythical Beast Wars mug but mugs were humorously spendy to ship so we’ve moved on to shirts and now we’re giving prizes for levels or participation.

So,5 beast drawings earns you a pack of Mythical Beast Wars Stickers, 10 weekly Beast Drawings earns you a pack of 5 or so buttons and 25 weekly beast drawings earns you a sweet mythical Beast Wars T shirt…

Now you know... Now get to drawing beasts!


  1. Thom Burgess says:

    Hey I absolutely love your site! I wondered if you’d be interested in contributing to our new bumper halloween issue of The Spectral times!

  2. chip says:

    Thanks for the props Thom and hell yes I was interested and you can see the collaboration starting on page 44! http://en.calameo.com/read/002938563e90cdf8883bb? and don’t forget to read the rest of the mag too!

  3. gothcowboy says:

    heay this seems like a cool fun sight was wondering since i live in canada can i enter the weelky contests and win prizes as well or is this fo us residents only?

    • chip says:

      Canada? That’s looney! (get it, get it?)… You are of course more than welcome to play. We’ve got folks from all over, the states, across the pond and even some as far as Australia. My only request is that you pay the shipping for said prizes as international shipping costs are comically unpredictable.
      Hope to see drawings from you soon and thanks for the props!

  4. Todd Winkel says:

    I just found your website. Very cool. I’m sharing it with friends who might also find it interesting.

  5. Sean says:

    how do i register so i can put up my art?

  6. chip says:

    No registration needed, we’re old timey, just email your art to submissions@ our web address and I take care of the rest! So Dooooo it!

  7. moira says:

    is this webpage currently working or did I discovered it late? I LOVE IT

    • chip says:

      Hells yes we are! Just slow as of late, as the world is a lil sideways! But we are def here to appreciate your beasts and give away shirts (once we’re outta lockdown!)

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